Chuck's Aviation Chapter

Some Photos Of Planes I Once Piloted

First plane ever flown was an Aeronca 7AC on 03/05/1977

First flew a Cessna 150 on 04/16/1977... and eventually qualified as private pilot in a C-150 on 12/27/1977

First flew a Taylorcraft (not sure which model) on 04/23/1977

Ground school GAT1 Link simulator on 05/09/1977 and 05/11/1977

First flew a Piper PA-28 181 on 02/21/1978... and flew this plane on first honeymoon between 03/18/1978 and 03/24/1978

First flew a Piper PA-28 140 on 07/15/1979 (after taking a break to finish college in June of 1979)
Note: This is the type of plane we flew to Connie's wedding + aborted T/O with uncle Dick Day and cousin Jerry Jessup (08/05/81).

First flew a Cessna 152 on 06/25/1981 (after 2 year break in flying... cost of renting planes going up FAST)

First flew a Cessna 172 on 08/01/1982

My last flight as pilot in command was in a C-152 on 07/02/1983