Target Practice July 24, 2018

Target Practice July 24, 2018

Decided to join Custer Sportsman's Club and verify the M&P 10 .308 at 200 yrds on bench...

First target was practice with sandbags to see if I could hit anything using 150gr Hornady Superformance rounds.

They hit higher than I was expecting. But, I had a box of 165grs to test, which I thought might hit lower.

Two careful shots with 165gr Hornady. Decided to adjust the scope 1 click up. Then shot one 165gr Hornady.

Scope OK. VERY HOT BARREL NOW! I prefer 165gr rounds myself.

Problem now is what will happen with 150grs; will they fly way too high? Going to have to keep good notes.

Decided to run four more quick rounds down range with the 165gr Hornady just using the bipod w/o sandbags...

Wanted to practice some more with a cooler barrel, but had to leave for an appointment.

More practice next week maybe.