Target Practice Oct 06, 2018

Target Practice Oct 06, 2018

Decided to shoot some more to verify the M&P 10 .308 and .300 WM at all ranges (50, 100 & 200 yrds) on bench...

Using 165gr Hornady Superformance SST rounds w/M&P 10. For the .300 WM had some reloads and old Federal Premium rounds to use up.

Wanted to get rid of the Weatherby reloads which are not reliable, and decided to keep 4 of the Federal rounds for hunting. So far, I think the 180gr Weatherby Select Norma SPTZ ammo is the best performer of the ones I have tested to date.

I also wanted to test out some new factory options in the M&P 9L

I put about 20 rounds of each type of 9mm (some Remingtons and American Eagles) to the test by firing sets of 10 (5 at heads and 5 at bodies basically) rapid fire to see if any jambs occured. I was not trying real hard to get any great groups and had to move fast before going home.

I also tested some rounds in Dad's old .38 Special revolver for practice LOL...