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Dear Reader,

As a U.S. citizen and CEO of TMI I'm worried... very WORRIED. Our country is in deep, deep doo doo and the number of folks who call themselves Senators and Representatives (in our U.S. Congress) and who have their heads buried you know where just astounds me to no end. I have lost all faith in our Federal government and political leaders. Actually, I gave up on most of them about 30 years ago.

Here's the full meal deal.

Our government has been borrowing money in order to fund all their "pet projects" (which, in most cases, are in direct conflict with our Constitution) and then turning around and "refinancing" the "National Debt" they have generated, and the interest on that Debt, for so long that now they could not figure out how to make their own car payments without going out and getting a loan on a loan just to make their next payment. The idea of generating income before going on a spending spree was, apparently, a foreign concept to the past 20 or 30 Congresses we have voted into office. They just keep rolling the "National Debt" over and over while adding to it more and more in the process, rather than drawing the line and stopping their shopping sprees for a while and paying the darn Debt they owe (we owe) off. What kind of B.S. money management scheme is that? Our Congress is Burnie Madoff x 535 x the past 20 or 30 Congresses rolled into one big Happy Meal. Yet they threw Burnie Madoff in jail while, at the same time, they all sit there and tell us what they are doing is "for the good of our country" and it will all be OK... Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about it? Don't worry about it??!!

Have you ever heard of anything so far fetched and so preposterous? Has our Congress lost all touch with reality? Or are we the crazy fools for allowing this to happen right under our very noses? You tell me.

OK. Enough on that topic. I think you get my drift.

Now, what about this "Unemployment" situation. Well, if you ask me IT SUCKS!

But, who really cares anyway... I mean beside those who call themselves the 99ers? Who really cares?? Does Congress care? Do the folks down at your local "Unemployment Office" care? Do YOU care? And, if you do, what are you doing about it, anyway? And, what, if anything, is "government" doing about it?

Before I wrap up this "unemployment" topic let me toss this out. Think about it for a second. First there is something called "Unemployment" and then there is something I like to call "UN Employment". "What is the difference?", you might ask.

Well, from where I sit, if you want to reduce or get rid of "Unemployment" then the best way to go about doing that is to increase "UN employment". "SAY WHAT?" What I mean is, the more folks try to find "Employment" and the more they strike out looking for "Employment", and even if they do succeed to find a job, the more they set themselves up for "Unemployment" in the process. In fact, "Employment" is a requirement of, and the exact opposite side of, the "Unemployment" coin. They go hand in hand. You can not have one without the other. So, if you are looking for a way to become "Employed", or even if you are "Employed", then you are also looking for a way to become "Unemployed" at the same time; one of these days, sooner or later.

Yet, if folks would spend more time and effort to master "UN Employment", by instead seeking a way to become what I refer to as "Independent Entrepreneurs" then they just might learn a different trick others call "Entrepreneurism". Once you convert yourself into an "Independent Entrepreneur" you will never become "Employed" or "Unemployed" again. You might become "Unproductive" now and then. But, I guarantee you that you will never become "Unemployed" again. That is because the flip side of being an "Independent Entrepreneur" is not "Unemployment". The flip side is "UN Employment", or "Non-employment". When you work for yourself you will never work for someone else again, if you are smart, and you will then graduate into the ranks of the "UN Employed". And the "UN Employed" are never "Unemployed". They are either productive or unproductive. It is a paradigm shift that many people make. Some while they are young. Others when they grow older. And, the rest (those lucky enough to be "Employed") not at all. Yet, the "Employed" ones are the ones who often find themselves playing games down at the "Unemployment Office", sending out endless resumes, filling out job applications, going through interviews while trying to convince someone that they too matter, and generally not knowing what to do when their masters decide to cut them loose and send them packing.

Do you get my drift? "Employment" is a "Master and Slave" mentality which inevitably leads to "Unemployment"... sooner or later. "Independent Entrepreneurism" is a "Master Master" mentality that leads people to the state of "UN Employment"; which is actually just another way of saying "Freedom". "Entrepreneurs" are the masters of their own fates and, often times, of their own slaves. But, ideally, the best situation is to become an "Independent Entrepreneur" so that you are sure to never become a slave to your slaves either. Something else to think about.

End of story. More thoughts later.

So, with that said, please return to the blog page and check out the rest of the content provided there.