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A Little Advice

You know what? Starting a business, even a corporation, is easy. Really, it is. And it does not cost a lot either. If you can afford a couple tanks of gas in your daily driver you can afford to start any business; sole proprietor, LLC, corporation, non-profit. So, the risk is next to zero. In fact, everyone should start a business as part of their own personal "no child left behind" education agenda by the time they have graduated from high school.

You know what else? In this day and age the only legitimate excuse for each and every person to think they should be looking for a job once they graduate from high school, and that they should settle for a position in someone else's company as a so called "corporate slave" while gaining experience and working their back side off to bolster the profits of someone else in the process, is that they got the wrong education in the schools they attended. Way too many people have been programmed to think that starting a business is expensive, risky, next to impossible, and they will fail if they do. All of these excuses are pure poppy cock.

One other problem working against the concept of getting more people off the dime and working for themselves is complexity. The world has been designed by millions and millions to be as complex as possible. Complexity breeds confusion. And, confusion, such as the confusion about how hard it is to start your own business, leads to failure on all fronts.

I suggest that we eliminate all the complexity. By doing so we will reduce or eliminate most of the associated confusion in the process. And, once confusion is eliminated the failure rate will be reduced right along with it.

So, keep it simple to keep it less confusing and bolster your own results and productivity in the process. If you keep your business simple, right out of the gate, you will maximize your success rate and rarely ever fail.

Think of confusion as your downfall. Keep your antennae up. Ask yourself: Are you confused? If the answer is YES then you are probably dealing with too much complexity which you are creating for yourself or which someone else is exposing you to; for whatever reason. If your confusion meter goes from green to yellow or all the way to red take action. Cut through the source of the confusion by eliminating the cause; complexity. Simplify. Watch your confusion meter all the time. Use it just like any other warning device. Every time someone tries to show you a new fangled process or methodology that starts to confuse you your red flag should go up. "Hey. This is getting too complex. How do I know this? Simple. Because you are confusing me. Maybe you just want me to fail..."

Anyone confusing you should then be able to simplify the source of the confusion and easily restate whatever they are telling you in a better format or they should admit that what they are offering you is way too complex. If the former happens then you win. If the later happens you lose UNLESS you catch them in the act and set them straight.

First rule of thumb; Keep It Simple Somehow - KISS. All other rules are secondary.

And remember this. Starting any business is easy. It is not that complex and not that confusing. If you do not believe me just ask me to show you how. And I will.

Oh, and one more thing. Selling what your business has to offer (your products or services) is yet another matter. That is where the rubber meets the road and what trips nearly everyone running a business up. So, when it comes to marketing, I suggest you also seek out simple approaches that will lead to simple marketing plans and methods leading to much higher rates of success. Again. KISS. Always remember KISS.

(1) Get your business started (the easy part).
(2) Develop simple objectives and a simple business plan right out of the gate (simple products, simple services).
(3) Market your products and/or services via simple, less complex marketing methods and tools.

You are on your way. Good luck with your next business venture.

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