On the Mueller Report - And something all the Marxist Libtard Demoncraps have yet to realize


You know what? DOJ Attorney General Barr just gave a statement to the press and America that has implications most of the press and Hillary rotten felon Clinton supporters have yet to figure out. While they all go off on their wild goose chases, trying to find a reason to get Congress to impeach Trump for something like obstruction-of-justice, the DOJ and FBI are more likely to be going after the real culprits in the swamp who should be convicted of the real crimes they perpetrated against Trump and the nation in 2016 and 2017.

And exactly what the hell am I talking about, you might ask?

NOTE: Within the PDF file you are about to read keep in mind that my comments have been added within brackets [ ] and AG Barr's comments make up the rest of the file.

That said, if you click here you will find out exactly what the hell am I talking about.

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