Are U.S. Elections Rigged??


Keep in mind that this was posted before Bush dropped out (after the South Carolina primary)...


As far as I am concerned the so called Democrat party in the U.S. may as well just admit it and tell everyone it is really the U.S. Communist party.  But, that would probably take all the mystery out of it.


I happened to have lunch yesterday (02/18/2016) with a buddy of mine (GB) in Bellingham who's a Democrat (Communist/Socialist) all the way, by the sounds of it.  I love GB.  But darn if I can understand his political view on life.  I don’t think he can either to be honest.  Same goes for my mom and others in my family. 


Anyway, I asked GB what he thought of Bernie Sanders (I wanted to see how far GB might go to vote for a Democrat).  GB's the kind of guy that doesn't really give a strong opinion one way or the other; at least not that he wants to share with me.  As a politically correct guy, he doesn’t like to make waves.  Yet, based on his answer, I got the impression that if Bernie was actually nominated at the Democrat convention, GB, like most party line Democrats, wouldn't have a hard time voting for Bernie at all.


I told him I think Bernie is just a “closet Communist”.  But Bernie knows he can't do everything that a normal Communist would want to do, so he'll just do as much as he can get away with; if he gets that lucky.


Bottom line is most Democrats are just going to vote the party line.  Nothing new there.  And it won't matter to most of them if it screws up or bankrupts the country or not.  It never does.


Next GB and I talked about the idea that the Democrat party has what's called “super delegate votes” that they cast at their convention to help whomever they really want to nominate; most of which have already been promised to Clinton... Sanders and all the others running for the Democrat party be damned.  The other candidates already got the message and gave up.  Is it any wonder why?


I told GB this is kind of like the Communist party and the Communist party bosses who have already committed almost all of their votes for Putin (or Xi in China).  Seriously, what’s the difference between the U.S. Democrat party and the Communist party in Russia and the way Putin gets his power?  At least the Democrat/Communist bosses are up front about the fact that they are running the show.  And the actual Democrat voters, just like GB, don't really care that their vote doesn't really count.  They all sleep well at night knowing Obama and his inner circle is running the show.  And that to them is all that counts.


But, what about the Republican Party?  How might that side of the election play out?


Well what most people don't seem to realize is that any of the delegate votes cast for some of the candidates that have already dropped out, or cast for some insider candidates that don't have a whole lot to win with, can still be gathered up and added to one of the other insider candidate’s vote pool at the GOP convention too; if it gets to that point.  The people who come to the conventions can always figure out a way to move another candidate into the lead, and onto the ballot for the general election, by reallocating the votes collected by candidates that dropped out of the race, etc.  What a game!


The risk behind that kind of deal is a lot of real Americans, who are Republicans, or who simply want the country to be run like a Constitutional Republic will then stay home in November if Trump or Cruz do not get the party nod (and/or have to break off and try to run on their own).  A situation like that will make it easy for a multi-striped skunk like Clinton to win in November also.


When this happens it's known as a “brokered convention”.  The Democrats have a rigged game already.  But the Republicans can rig their game later on also.  That's where the insiders, who are the heads of the party in each state, get to put their heads and votes together and figure out how to run the show themselves.  They can make deals with all the delegate votes, not yet locked in for Trump or Cruz, and pool them for someone like Rubio, for example; as long as the losers do not drop out (vs. “postpone” their campaign) altogether.  So as long as some of these other candidates, like Bush or Rubio, manage to screw around long enough, and have enough money to keep going, the votes the people cast for them can be brokered all over again during the convention.


So, unless Trump or Cruz manage to “break out” at some point and rack up around 60% of the delegate votes or better then, when we reach the time of the convention, it's going to still be up in the air how the votes will get “brokered” (sold) by the insiders operating the show.  It’s yet another way to rig the deal, just like on Wall Street.


Never forget what I said, back when this year’s 2016 election cycle all started and I heard that Trump was going to get in the race; I said, “Trump was going to stir up a real Hornets' nest.”  And that has been exactly what has happened.  Ted Cruz is still the best possible candidate for the country.  But the party bosses, in both parties, will always figure out some way to screw things up.


Anyway...  Now you might see why the Democrats came up with somebody like Bernie Sanders to run against someone like Hillary Clinton (to help make her look good by comparison).  They're just playing the game on their side of the aisle.  Bernie knows it and so does everybody running the Democrat/Communist party from behind closed doors.  It's Clinton's turn and nobody's going to stop that.  Not even all the ignorant socialists trying to help Sanders out.  They are all being taken to school as the classic suckers that they are.  From the Democrat/Communist party point of view, what difference does it make which one of your members are seated in the White House, as long as they meet EEO requirements; even if they were too stupid to protect the consulate in Benghazi and would be too stupid to represent the entire USA?  After all, most of the rigged national polls are saying that Trump or Cruz can't win against Clinton, so they may as well prop Clinton up on the Democrat side of the coin.


And that's why the Republican Party is going to try and plant an “insider” (just like always) to run against her.  The only ones that have a chance, according to the polls, are Rubio or maybe Bush.  At least that's the way the Republican Party leaders look at it.


The Democrats ruin the country because they always vote the party line.  The Republicans ruin the country because they always prop up 2nd or 3rd best, someone who can be manipulated, like Rubio or Bush, after helping them run for office.


Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the only two which are hard to manipulate; unlike the other GOP candidates... or even Sanders and/or Clinton.  Ted Cruz is a real American who knows the U.S. Constitution inside and out; nobody can easily manipulate him.  Trump is Trump.  He has to be in charge.  So while Trump and Cruz keep tearing each other apart the Republican Party bosses are having a field day watching the show and having drinks while they plot tactics behind closed doors.  In the meantime, most of the other delegated votes will be gathered back up when the dust settles and spread around to one of the other candidates so that they can be “brokered” into the lead later on; in the long game.


Anyway you should look up “brokered convention” on Google.  You might figure out that what I'm saying is more right than wrong.