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Ted Cruz will soon announce Fiorina as his running mate.  Not a bad idea if you ask me.  I wonder if Trump will say that lying Ted just picked a running mate with bad looks.


What do you think?


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Bad choice.


Cruz is dead in the water, same as having Palin eight years ago.


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Well, the problem with the average U.S. voter is they fall into one of several categories/types:


(A)   The 10% who know that a republic/representative form of government is the best of many forms of government and WHY a “constitutional republic” is the best form of government bar none because it, at least, gives citizens a chance to draft a workable constitution to outline a system of government that beats all others hands down (if properly drafted) and a chance to select the BEST leaders to REPRESENT them in said well-formed government; which theoretically gives them a shot at retaining the most freedom and a chance at real prosperity... as long as they vet and pick the BEST representatives to run things, and who will not corrupt things in the process.


The problem with that is...


(B)   The next 40%, who think some other form of government (like a democracy or monarchy) is better.  And why not?  Well, because a democracy always breaks down into either a socialist, communist or dictatorship government (like what the democrats are trying their best to do to the USA right now), eventually, because the vast majority of voters fall into either categories (B), (C) or (D) and are unable to ever select the BEST leaders to begin with.


(C)   The 30% who are totally uneducated and clueless when it comes to... political systems (such as the USA multi-party primary process or the USA electoral college voting system), character judgement, historical failures (which are all too often repeated), economics, capitalism, welfare states, socialism, communism, Islam, etc.  These are what you might call the “low information” voters who pick a leader based more on random emotion (can you say Obama?) or their own selective needs or interests... in other words... they, all too often, pick the person who cons them the best because politicians know how to easily con low information voters.  “We are going to build a great big beautiful wall and Mexico is going to pay for it.”  “We have to pass the bill to see what is in the bill.”  “Everyone should get a free college education.”  Etc.


(D)   The other 20% who either follow their own pied-piper or do not even attempt to get involved in the political system at all (except maybe once every 4 years to cast a vote) because they simply can’t fathom how and/or are way too busy to even make the BEST choice to begin with.


Right now, IF you count the votes cast for the likes of Clinton (12,135,109 – 58% on the DEM side), Trump (10,056,690 – 42% on the GOP side), Sanders (8,967,400), Cruz (6,854,211), Kasich (3,672,832) and Rubio (3,461,265), and IF you notice that there are a total of at least 45,147,507 people who have cast those votes (luckily only 21,102,509, or 47%, are for socialists/communists this time around... which means the nominated GOP party candidate still has a slim chance of winning in Nov... IF the popular vote ruled the day, which it doesn’t), and IF you ran the math then you would see what I mean. 


Of those votes...


The votes that were/will be wasted on Clinton (a socialist who claims to be a moderate or liberal), Sanders (a socialist/communist) and Kasich (a corrupt big government moderate spoiler) comes to about 24,775,341, or 55%, of the votes cast for the WRONG leaders; pretty close to (B) + (D).


The folks who cast their votes for either Trump or Rubio also come to 13,517,955, or 30%, of the votes cast for the 2nd and 3rd best possible leaders (C). 


Only those folks who have paid attention and who make wise choices have cast their votes for someone else who is an actual constitutional conservative, who will NOT corrupt the office of the president once they get into that office, who will be far LESS likely to undermine our government by signing bills passed by a corrupt congress which violate the constitution, who will MOST likely act like a commander in chief of the armed forces should act by only taking us into a war IF the congress first votes to declare a given war, who will be way MORE likely to nominate much better people for open positions on the Supreme Court and who can be trusted to fulfill what few promises they have made during their campaign because they have not made any false promises like all the other candidates have made; i.e. Ted Cruz who has collected only 6,854,211 votes so far, or 15% of the total votes cast, very close to the 10% in category (A)... plus another 5% he has taken from the other categories simply because Trump and the others in the GOP do not have what it takes to be qualified as president of the USA... and which proves my point about WHY a democratic/popular vote country eventually breaks down and fails.


Had Cruz started out in a two man race against Trump (who now is chicken to debate Cruz because Trump knows what a fool Cruz would make of him) – like Clinton was afforded against Sanders, from the beginning, w/o the other 12 or so people sucking votes from all the ignorant/uneducated voters into the other candidates’ piles – Cruz would be kicking Trump’s ass right now.  But, Trump knows what I know about category (B), (C), and (D) voters (Trump has demographic numbers to study just like everyone else) and he knew that he would never get many votes at all from the category (A) voters either.  So he ran a campaign that appealed to low information GOP voters which was customized to put him into the lead in the early states, and hopefully keep that lead going once a head of low information voter steam was built up.  In other words, Trump stirred up a hornets’ nest.  He knew that by making just the right false promises and by shouting out just the right emotional rhetoric and flip-flopping from many positions he held in past years, that he would appeal to the 30% he needed to get his ball and the media rolling to collect “delegate votes” for the first round at the convention.


Cruz can’t operate that way.  His downfall is he wants to do the right things, for the right reasons, for the country; and stay within the bounds of the laws and constitution.  But most voters could care less about what is right or legal or constitutional or whatever.  Most voters do not care about ethics, any more than Trump does, now days.  Most voters (the 90%) only care if a candidate is a rock star, if they are sexy or they talk big talk while offering free money and promised jobs that they can swarm around.  It is basic human psychology that only a con artist, salesman, real-estate developer or socialist, giveaway artist understands when trying to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo.


So, once again, the voters have selected second best on the GOP side (and 10th best on the other side) and odds are very good someone like Trump will get crushed during the general election as a result; just like Romney or McCain in the past (although I must admit that Trump might just make a good sales job to boot).  Clinton will quite possibly make Trump eat shit during the general debates.  After all she is cut from the same cloth he was cut from, so she and Bill will have plenty of ways to slice and dice Trump and expose him for what he actually is; a con artist.  The only way Trump will win easily is IF the FBI manages to get Clinton charged with treason before Nov comes along.  Yet, even then, 90% of the democrat voters will still vote for Clinton even if she might run the nation from a jail cell.  That’s just the way most of the (B), (C) and (D) voters think.


As for Fiorina; she is cut from the same cloth Cruz was cut from.  That’s why Cruz picked her (although it is probably too little too late).  But, I do not expect anyone in the 90% to realize that either.


Cruz has laid all his cards on the table so that when the second round of voting happens at the GOP convention all the delegates will have had plenty of time to decide who is really the best option (the best package deal) for the country.  He has also forced Trump to decide who will run with him as well.  If Trump balks that will tell people that he too is clueless and he cannot pick a decent VP, let alone prove he is the best choice to run the country.  And if he cannot get anyone to run with him, before the convention (except some flake like Kasich), then Cruz will have one more ace to play at the convention as well.  IT WAS A SMART MOVE on Cruz’s part, any way you slice it.


Also, keep one more thing in mind.  The USA is a constitutional republic... not a f-ing democracy.


The delegates that represent each of the states’ GOP voters are just that... representatives.  Cruz is betting on this very fact to win the nomination, because he too knows that only 10-15% of the masses out there have a real clue.  Most of the GOP delegates fall in the class (A) voter category.  The delegates are much smarter people.  They are higher up on the food chain when it comes to intelligence.  THEY KNOW how this country works and how politics work.  When they go to the convention they know they must carry out their marching orders, per state election laws, and cast their vote a certain way in round one.  But, after that, they also know they can cast their vote for the BEST choice; even if the low information voters scream about it.  At that point we will find out if they have enough guts to pick Cruz + Fiorina or if they are spineless, and they select Trump.  That is when it will get VERY interesting.




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Not exactly exciting speeches (both Ted and Carly spoke) but at least I did not find anything particularly repulsive about what they had to say; and I agreed with most of it. 


For the first link below it is best to start at the 17 min 10 second (17:10) mark to skip all the setup and onlooker stuff... if interested.


Oh, BTW, my wife, Lois, thought having Carly as possible VP is a “great idea” too.  For once we agreed on something political.


Next...  Here is the Trump “Foreign Policy” speech given earlier today as well.  It has been a busy Wed.  Dang good speech, as far as I am concerned.


Bottom line:  IF Trump can rally the USA behind his ideas then he should do AOK.  IF Cruz manages to win things at the GOP convention things will work out AOK also.


But, if Clinton or Sanders get even 30% of the popular vote in November then you may as well kiss the USA goodbye.