Trumpís Ace in the Hole


As a U.S. citizen living abroad, who has legally sponsored my Canadian wife when we lived in the USA and who was legally sponsored when we moved to Canada (thanks to Obama No Care), I think President Trump has one ace in the hole he should use to get Congress to wise up.


President Trump should announce that from now on, until Congress passes a Bill(s) which (A) funds the wall, (B) allows CBP to send all persons crossing our borders illegally directly back the way they came, (C) provides funds for ICE to round up all illegals who live in the USA with criminal records and to be deported once their penalties are served and (D) removes all federal funds from any state or city which aids and abets illegals in any manner, he will veto EVERY bill that crosses his desk.PERIOD.


If Congress fails to meet the country's needs they will be required to pass all legislation, which is important enough to be passed, by overriding each and every veto, if they can manage to work together often enough to do so.END OF STORY.