Charlottesville Tards vs Tards vs DodgeCharger-tard


From: Chuck Jessup

Sent: Friday, August 18, 2017 10:48 PM

To: Ullrich Fischer

Subject: Re: Charlottesville Tards vs Tards vs DodgeCharger-tard


Personally, I have ZERO sympathy for anyone in any of the protesting groups that were there, except the ignorant gal who managed to get herself killed… a little sympathy, but not much.


And I don’t have any sympathy for the people living in Charlottesville either, as they voted in the lame demoncrap mayor and city council, so far as that goes….


All these cities with x-tard protestors running amok, and blacktards ruling the day, are demoncrap party controlled; examples: Portland (Ted Wheeler), Seattle (Ed Murray), San Jose (Sam Liccardo), St Louis (Linda Krewson), Baltimore (Catherine “Puke Face” Pugh … who took over after that douche bag, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, screwed things up with her cops, etc.), Chicago (worthless Rahm Emanuel … and his puke of a brother), Detroit (Mike Duggan), NY City (the king of demoncraps, Bill de Blasio), et al.  Nine times out of ten the demoncraps run their cities into the ground like a bunch of whack offs.


The so called “antifa” (anti fascists), who are mostly “anarchists”, that want to get rid of government altogether and simply let chaos reign (which is what they always manage to get away with any time they show up), and the “black lives matter” bunch, were the lawless groups.  The white guys, Vanguard America (VA), who got the permit, however, were not welcome by the mayor and his cronies.  Wonder why?  They tried to shut them down until a judge said they could get their permit and protest.  The Mayor and governor had the city and state police ready to make life hard on the VA protestors.  And they had some National Guard ready in case there were any assaults on the cops, who let everything go wild, pissing off the one VA group’s member who got in his Dodge Charger and finally did all the real damage.


Trump was right in his first statement afterwards, then someone got him to shift PC positions, then he finally figured “why bother?” and went back to his original position, once more of the story was exposed.


Between the “antifa” a.k.a. “anarchists”, and the other lawless protesters (the “resistance” libtards), their combined goals are to divide the country, make total fools out of themselves, and convert the country into a Marxist/Socialist nation.  None of them, including the entire demoncrap party, believe in the constitution IMHO.  Bunch of ass holes; with the “antifa” being the cream of the ass-hole crop, followed closely by the “black lives matter” and the illegals from Mexico (the ones who hurt so many Trump supporters in San Jose during the election cycle last year).


The sooner Trump and any/all conservative governors crack down on those groups the better.  Trump probably figures he can let them burn themselves out (it’s really not his problem anyway… did you know that Mayors run cities and governors run states… not the central government or President you dumb ass Canadians and most dumb ass demoncraps think should run everything?) while their backers piss away money on them; and he knows that come winter time they will finally hibernate and, just like the “Occupy Wall Street” crackpots, fade away eventually.




P.S. Read it again if it didn’t sink in the first time.





From: Ullrich Fischer

Sent: Friday, August 18, 2017 1:59 PM

To: Chuck Jessup

Subject: Re: Charlottesville Tards vs Tards vs DodgeCharger-tard


So are you going to go back down there and participate in the 2nd attack on Fort Sumter to start Civil War II?  The South might have a better shot at prevailing in Trumpistan than if there was a competent president in charge.

On 2017-08-18 1:51 AM, Chuck Jessup wrote:


Best footage I could find of the libtards being run over by the DodgeCharger-tard.  I guess tards don’t mix…


It’s funny how libtards are so tough when there are large numbers of them who can block traffic and out attack lesser groups.  But along comes someone with a bigger attack “tool” and… run for it!!


Now, to top it off, you have to be just a little short on common sense to jump on the back of a DodgeCharger-tard’s car thinking you can make the car stop from backing up and running you over… while your libtard buddies bash the DodgeCharger-tard’s car with bats, etc.  Notice the SHAME sign the clown is holding?  About says it all…  Problem is YouTube won’t let you watch most of the videos unless you have an account and sign in.  Most of the other media footage I have found, without a YouTube account, only shows the car in forward as he hits people and runs into the cars he probably did not see because there were so many people in the street blocking his view.  So good luck seeing all of the footage I saw, like when the gal and some others jumped on the back of the car, he backed up, and the gal got run over, etc.


It is getting to the point with Google and YouTube that anything that does not follow the left wing media’s narrative has to be blocked or cut short or edited to cover the facts up now days.  If you have no YouTube account maybe try a different platform (maybe Facecrook) if this edited and possibly misleading “Inside Edition” report does not play for you…


I suspect the gal with the tights and wearing a backpack who jumped on the back of the car, and then got smashed between the DodgeCharger-tard’s car and the parked Toyota pickup while the DodgeCharger-tard went into reverse to get the hell out of there, is the one who got killed, “Heather Heyer, 32, was declared deceased…”.  But, there was another heavier gal who also got clobbered between one of the blocked cars and the red minivan who might have been the one who got killed.  Some of Heather’s photos made it seem she was heavier than the gal who jumped on back.  Either way, apparently the DodgeCharger-tard had no desire to become a suicide WhiteGuy-tard?  The reason I think the gal who jumped on back was the gal who got killed is based on the above link(s) showing when the car went into reverse coupled with the position of the injured gal with the backpack still on her back as she laid there on her side behind the Toyota pickup at apx 8:50 to 9:25 in this following link/video posted by a News2Share reporter’s camera…


IMHO, after watching about a dozen different YouTube videos of this typical tard vs tard vs tard event, most of the blame for things getting heated up to the point of death you can blame on a bunch of blacktards who call themselves “black lives matter” and a bunch of the “antifa-tards” who used about every dirty trick in the book to stir things up.  I’m guessing the DodgeCharger-tard snapped, went and got in his car, and now you have a lot of libtards wondering what the f*#k happened to them; including the dead gal’s mother who supposedly contacted Trump, unless the media tries to refute it (which they probably already have), in his support of what he told reporters


Heather’s mom seems to want more protesting to go on.  Her father seems to want it to stop.  Hummmm


Here’s a good catchy headline and some fake news comments; yet the mother seems more rational than the author of the article, which probably fabricates a couple lies to put some heat on Trump…


Just my $.02 for what it is worth.