Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal


Do you think maybe you want to at least TRY to understand why both Clintons were in hot water ... again… during the past 2016 elections?


Do you think the lengthy FBI investigation of Hillary’s email server, etc. was a “witch hunt” because you don’t give a shit when someone like Hillary Clinton violated U.S. laws... but you are still mildly curious anyway?


Or, perhaps you are the sort of person who actually loves to read about the facts of some of the most important developments on politically or globally important issues and you like to be an “informed” citizen/person; even though you realize it could take hours of research and reading to become really informed?


IF so, you might want to educate yourself using the following link(s).


If not, don’t waste your time.  Go back to whatever the hell you were doing and stick your head back up your ass where it belongs.


That said...


First – The easiest place to begin (a 1 hour C-SPAN Q&A interview of a real, qualified, legal practitioner who knows what the F he is talking about... and some typical examples of a few liberal callers who are Clinton idol worshipers that think this is just another GOP “witch hunt” as well):



Well, it was there, until Google/YouTube decided to cover it up… and, yes, Google is run by libtards alright


Second – A pretty interesting article (with plenty of relevant links to even more resources and LAWS) that just about anyone, even a liberal with a short attention span, can read and begin to get the basic idea (at least until Clinton gets it removed somehow):




Third and Fourth – A couple in depth resources that will take anyone several hours to dig through for further information; and, believe it or not, put together by a couple different “liberals” who normally would have voted for Clinton but who know better now (because they have actually educated themselves):







Summary – Possible (and probably no were near all of) federal statutes the Clintons might be charged with violating (depending on which legal sources one consults):


United States Code (USC) 5 section 552                   (violated thousands of times)

Freedom of Information Act                                                ((FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552 layman’s explanation)


United States Code (USC) 18 section 201                 (probably applies and up to 2 yrs in jail)


United States Code (USC) 18 section 641                 (probably applies and up to 10 yrs in jail)


United States Code (USC) 18 section 793                 (probably applies and up to 10 yrs in jail)

United States Code (USC) 18 section 798                 (probably applies and up to 10 yrs in jail)


United States Code (USC) 18 section 1924               (1 year)


United States Code (USC) 18 section 1503               (20 years)

United States Code (USC) 18 section 1505               (5-8 years)

United States Code (USC) 18 section 1510               (5 years)


United States Code (USC) 18 section 2071               (3 years if sub-section (b) is violated)

(the most import penalty; Clinton loses right to any office if convicted)


Enjoy your free education (and feel free to pass it on).