World Of Money - Crash Course

This page is offered by TMI as a quick cram/crash course on how many factors
within the economy come together in order to shuffle money around from
one person's or country's bank account to another. Hopefully it will
help open everyone's eyes even wider than they already are...

Just point, click, look and/or read to your heart's content.
By the way, much of this comes thanks to the Mint.com web site, which is WAY COOL.
Check it out when you get a chance.

And, while you are at it, here is another crash course web site everyone should visit once in their lives as well... after covering the following content first...

The developer of this web page does not necessarily agree with or align with the following graphics and/or the documents referenced via the links. However, some of the ideas expressed do seem valid (while others may be misleading). It is up to the reader to take everything with a grain of salt, so to speak, and perform their own information filtering process in order to learn the correct concepts and ideas and weed out those which might not be 100% correct. Understanding the concept of MONEY and how governments and others manipulate it in the world is WHY more people should spend more time educating themselves on this topic. Likewise, because it is not well understood, many people are tripped up and confused when exploring the
So good luck.

Money 1

The Constitution and The Bill of Rights

Pay No Tax

Money 2


Money 3

Our NATIONAL DEBT goes through the roof and the FACTS are played down on all fronts...


How MOST (but not all) money finds its way into the economy
...once it is removed from the taxpayers' pockets and put into
many other fat cat company pockets because they win the REALLY BIG contracts, which only they
have the manpower, equipment, and resources to compete for and fulfill... at half the actual cost.

Moving right along...

QE? What the heck is that? And how does it factor in? And, does anybody really understand it?

Did you hear about the FED?

Flip side of QE2?

Bonds and Quantitative Easing For Dummies?

Is The Federal Reserve Laundering Money?
Another Opinion?

And now for lots more interesting STUFF to explore such as...

How the banks make the big bucks...

More on bonds, notes, and bills...

Extra credit

Or is there something else really at play in this "global economy" of ours (kind of buried deep in one of these...)?

US Money Supply Plunges at 1930s Pace?
Social Security Bonds Stored In Filing Cabinet?
Recovery? There's No Recovery!
The Mortgage Put Back Crisis Explained
Jim Rogers World Wide Depression?!
When will America Collapse?
Wave of Debt Payments Facing U.S. Government?

Money 4

Are all of these people out to lunch? Is it really that bad? Maybe, maybe not. TIME will tell. But, in the meantime keep on learning. Knowledge is power. And the little fish need all the power they can get to avoid being eating by the big fish...


Stimulus job creation.

The employment situation in perspective.

Let's face it... China owns the U.S.A..

To see this one better try clicking on VIEW + ZOOM + 200% (or whatever works for you)...
Mint map - Consumption by country.

BTW... The demand for any given currency (and thus its relative value or price) is tightly coupled to
the buying and selling of a country's goods and services and the need to first buy or sell a given
country's currency so you can then buy and sell the goods/services using that country's currency...

World currencies in the recession.

Are food prices rising?

46 months (4 yrs) to recover most of the lost jobs... if at all? So, is the 250,000 jobs gain (reported recently) really "good news"?

Who is feeling the pains of unemployment and why?

The world's resources by country.

And, last but not least, a very interesting (but LONG) article that explains...