My Own “Code of Conduct” or “Moral Code”


Let me see if I can list my own “code of conduct” or “moral code” which I try to apply while plodding through life after many years of existence; and you tell me where I am going wrong...


(1)          There is no reason to believe in a “supreme being” or mythical beings or to join any organizations which do.  The only “supreme” number is infinity and the only “supreme” existence (being) or power is the universe itself; such as it is.  Any doctrine that challenges this basic premise is, by its very nature, invalid.  (I am an atheist... not a theist... simple as that.)

(2)          Defend myself using any manner necessary in order to prevent others from enslaving me, taking away my resources for survival, my freedom, my property, etc. or from those who undermine my needs and my right, which EVERYONE has, to exercise my unalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS... a cornerstone to my country and countrymen/women, my family, my associates and myself.  (I support the U.S. Constitution including the Bill of Rights... which makes me a Constitutionalist also, I suppose.)

(3)          Attempt to do as little harm (emotionally, physically, financially, economically, etc.), hopefully zero harm, to others as possible... when selecting the actions I take to survive here on Earth.

(4)          Call a spade a spade (see item 6 below).  Do not shy away from freedom of expression or a well-founded opinion.  Do not bury one’s head in the sand or enable others who are going about life in a destructive or illogical fashion.

(5)          Seek true LOVE as a foundation for communing with others, with “nature” and the awesome universe, and in LIFE itself.  Above all else, learn to become a person who can LOVE one’s self vs. a person spending one’s life ashamed of one’s self and one’s actions.

(6)          Seek out the TRUTH (logically, scientifically or otherwise) and apply it when and where necessary.

(7)          Develop true FREINDSHIPS/partnerships with those who would do the same.  But do not waste time on others who have no ability to become one’s own true friends/partners in the process; such as those who are evil (opposite of loving) in nature or those who lie to get ahead (by spreading falsehoods or myths).  It is a two way street.

(8)          Support others that are worthy of one’s support, as long as the support offered or given has little or no chance of resulting in one’s self needing extra support to survive in the process.  One example: If someone needs to borrow money (or my time or effort) from me I will think it over and then decide yes or no... “If I make the loan (or expend the effort) will it put me out on a limb in such a way that I will fall, and/or be harmed, as a result or will I be alright, even if the loan (or effort) is not returned in kind?”  IF I can help others in need without becoming one in need as a result, then I shall consider doing so.  Otherwise, maybe not.

(9)          Do not be cruel, cunning, or live a deceitful life.  Stay away from the, so called, dreaded sins (hubristic pride, greed, lust, malicious envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth).

(10)      Accept responsibility for, and the consequences of, my own choices and actions when based on exercising my own “free will”.  Show true regret when making a mistake or poor judgement and then move on, while trying not to repeat the same mistake(s) over and over again.

(11)      Be trust WORTHY.  This is achieved through doing what is RIGHT more often than not.

(12)      Figure out what is RIGHT and what is WRONG, what is GOOD and what is BAD/EVIL, in order to assist one’s self (and others when needed) in what it may take to become trust WORTHY and to become/remain a more prosperous person.

(13)      Try to be a productive member of society vs. a burden on society, as best as one is able and given the resources (which, sometimes, are not many) at one’s command.

(14)      Above all else, do my/our best to live a balanced life, in a positive manner and with decent ethical objectives in the process.


This does not exclude anything else which I feel/think assists one’s self in prospering in this oppressive, highly complex, and difficult world I/we am/are forced to survive within.




One may notice that I said nothing about following laws others have (democratically or otherwise) cooked up.  While I have read the U.S. (and Canadian) Constitution(s) and have a pretty good grasp of how government works (or should work) in most countries, IMHO, the better Constitution, from among many, is and remains the U.S. Constitution.  Any other legal doctrine beyond that is suspect from where I sit.  Thus, IF following a law allows/supports alignment with the above rules of thumb, or code, THEN I will probably decide to follow/obey that law.  IF, on the other hand, following an ill-conceived law, no matter if it was “democratically” created or not, is contrary to my own moral code, survival, liberty, etc. THEN there is a good chance I will rebel against it, as I have and often do.


I heartily accept the motto, "That government is best which governs least"; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically.  Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe "That government is best which governs not at all"; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.  Henry David Thoreau


While I may be prepared to rule myself and my own actions, most folks, unfortunately, are NOT.  This is why they seek to impose their doctrine, their (so called) rights and their form of government on everyone else.


The picture below is another way to look at life... from an emotional perspective or gauge.  In other words try to balance one’s self and life actions toward things like serenity and acceptance, joy and trust, ecstasy and admiration in order to arrive at optimism and love vs. the many other inner states that the other emotions (triggered by our own and others actions) produce.