New book title:

Destiny (not god) created free will …

and now we have to deal with it.


Old Plot


Authors of Bible say God (in English) created heavens and Earth.  They also say it took “seven” days.  God created animals and plants… and mankind.  Then God rested.


New Plot


God/ALL MIGHTY/ALL SUPER POWERFUL (in English) decides, somehow, after a long mental struggle of weighing the pros and cons, to create the entire universe, including the Milky Way galaxy.  After pondering it further, God decides to make it happen using a huge collection of atoms and sub-atomic particles God has just sitting around collecting dust.  God also sprinkles in a little sub-atomic force and gravity; ads some other laws of physics, such as electromagnetic radiation (a.k.a. light… both visible and invisible to human eyes) and then BANG!!  Job all done.  God sits back in God’s easy chair, turns on the galactic monitor, grabs a beer, takes a big gulp, feels proud and rests.  Hard work, all done.


What happened next; God or no God?


The atoms, as a result of the theoretical explosion, spread out.  The light released spreads out even faster and further.  But, gravitational forces, between all the chunks of matter involved, slowed things down.  Stars formed.  Millions of years passed.  Planets formed.  Suns pulsed out energy, glowed brightly, expanded and contracted, and some even died.  Planets and other galactic bodies and forces began settling into various relational patterns; some forming “solar systems”; some just floating away.


Billions upon billions of “years” (measured much later on by human activity and the relationship between Earth and the Sun) passed.


Eventually, a solar system containing “Mother Earth” forms and Earth itself settles into a cyclical pattern around a star we call Sun and which we now refer to as Earth’s orbit around the Sun… along with many other planets, moons, asteroids, comets, meteors and meteorites, etc.  Our own “Moon” settles into orbit around Earth.  This gave rise to, thanks to gravity and the nearby Sun, tidal forces which set the stage for the coming of ages and LIFE.


All of this activity is “Destiny” at work.  That is… either God destined it per God’s will and activity or Mother Nature destined it.  Either way Destiny marches on.


Eventually, Destiny resulted in Earth, our planet, our home.  For billions and billions of years there was no “free will”.  Likewise, even if the Bible’s account is close to true, the Bible stories or theories are in the ball park, as crafted and written via the Bible’s authors and scientists’ studies and their own wisdom of “the ages”, if that accounting is adopted instead, then God is the creator of the same Destiny.  Destiny is Destiny.


Later, much later, via either story/accounting/theory, the universe still contained no humans or other animal life… thus no source of any free will.  Thus any thinking person must accept that, in this chicken and egg story, Destiny came first and free will, if there was any free will to be had (which I just applied to kill a mosquito), came later.


However mankind evolved, from a start triggered by a God or via a start triggered by the universe itself, it was destined; and it did happen that mankind was created and has evolved into what we now have going on today.  Mankind is a collection of atoms and molecules and energy and bioelectric signals and impulses and each member of mankind has a CPU (if they are lucky) which we call our brain and we live and breathe and mankind does exercise free will, day in and day out.  Not at first, but evolutionarily, as a byproduct of Destiny, and the laws of physics which control our Destiny.


Last chapter.


We humans, like all other living beings (animals) with an ability to react to our environment have free will, which is a unique “attribute” of our (animals) form of existence, and our free will has evolved into a complex form of free will, which includes an ability to compute numbers, create speech, observe the universe around us, manipulate tools, and apply logic, reason, and many other reactionary responses to stimuli; giving us the ability to engineer our own futures and to create and destroy things; just like Destiny did for us; and/or God as well… if you so desire.  Destiny not only created us and our free will but Destiny probably created God (physically or mentally, assuming there is one) and God’s fabled free will as well.  Some of us were destined to believe there is a God, some to believe there is heaven and hell, some not, and some to believe or reason out many theistic and/or atheistic schemes, and yet others to indulge in more scientific experiments of mind and matter.  Be that as it may…


Destiny created free will … and now we have to deal with it.


Knowing, and understanding, that is called insight.   ;^)