THE REST OF THE STORY – What really happened during the Iraq War


Part 1


First, country A invades country B and (as is fairly typical in said region of the world) rapes their women, pillages their resources, kills most of their young men, and enslaves everyone else who did not manage to escape into exile.


Countries C, D, E and F who traded with, and were UN allies with, country B hold a meeting and decide that country A, and particularly its leader, Saddam, are evil savages and the world would be better off if country B was freed again.


Countries C, D, E and F go to battle against Country A who soon gets its ass kicked, thus achieving the goal of freeing country B (but, naturally, country A contributes as much as possible to so called “global warming” by setting fire to thousands of country B’s oil wells).


But, even after all of this, the pacifist leaders of countries C, D, E and F decide to issue a simple "CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT" to the leader/government of country A such that “if they act civilized and meet ALL other terms of the agreement then they can stay in charge of country A” (this was, hopefully, the least “expensive” way to stop all fighting, even though there was little chance it would work, given the history behind country A’s leadership).


Note: At this point in history the various leaders (and most brainwashed citizens) in countries C, D, E and F had evolved into more “civilized”, pacifistic thinkers; who preferred to talk people to death rather than actually killing them once they become rotten to the core.  Besides, “war must be as cheap as possible now days”; which is the liberal doctrine most people align themselves with in the regions governed by countries C, D, E and F... etc.  Thus the reason a new secret weapon, dubbed “Trump”, was eventually to be created... a long story in itself.


The leader of country A, who had few other viable options, accepted the plea bargain ("CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT") which included the opportunity to live on, and quickly signed the "CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT", which was not a pardon but, in effect, placed country A on probation.


Not much later, country A’s leadership, under the orders and leadership of the most wise and great Saddam, gassed thousands of their own citizens, thus violating the "CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT".


Countries C, D, E and F could have simply wiped out country A’s military and government that very week, per the terms of the agreement, but they decided to remind country A's leadership what the "CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT" says (and they proceeded to give country A's leadership a few more chances at “rehabilitation”, way more chances than they deserved to be sure) in hopes they would learn from their mistakes and abide by the "CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT".


In the meantime countries C, D, E and F, per the agreement and various other resolutions, imposed extra restrictions (like any probation officer might do), and two "no fly zones", at their own very costly expense, on country A's leadership to prevent any more uncivilized ambushes of their own citizens.


But it never takes very long and country A's leadership starts violating other parts of the "CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT"; torturing and raping and silently killing more of their citizens, acting paranoid towards their neighbors, playing hide and seek with IAEA weapons inspectors, etc., etc.


This cat and mouse game between countries C, D, E and F and country A's leader and government goes on for years costing countries C, D, E and F millions to monitor the violations of country A's corrupt and evil dictator and government (all of which violated their probations over and over again).


Sooner or later, the governments of countries C, D, E and F each pass valid and voted upon resolutions (orders) to have country A's leadership, and in particular their dictator, deposed by force; once countries C, D, E and F can plan things accordingly.


Part 2


Those resolutions, passed by the governing bodies/legislatures of all of the allied countries’ (C, D, E and F) governments ordered their military commanders/leaders to remove the leader and central government of country A, ASAP, and they outline more than 10 different reasons why said resolutions were issued... not that even one extra reason was needed to begin with.  Time was up.  Arrest orders were issued.


Soon thereafter countries C, D, E and F invaded country A, at huge expense, and removed the corrupt and evil leader(s) of county A (they found Saddam hiding, like the rat that he was, in a hole... and they removed or killed most of the other 52 people on a deck of cards that were used to hunt them down) and gave the remaining citizenry of country A more time and a lot of expensive support to document, vote on, form and organize a new, and hopefully less corrupt, government... complete with a brand new Constitution and purple voting fingers for all the citizens who voted for their new government.  Many people were happy.  Some were not.  The corrupt, liberal, pacifists were least happy of all... because they wanted the war effort to fail, just like they always do.  It gives them something to cheer about.


The IRAQ WAR (Parts 1 and 2) which began years earlier was then concluded and, at that point, the governments of countries A, B, C, D, E and F became close allies... even though the corrupt, liberal, pacifists and media kept right on reporting that the WAR was still going on; more propaganda.  In fact, what was going on was yet other countries sending in their own insurgents and terrorists and IEDs, etc. to keep things stirred up.  Iran was then the primary source of these problems, but there most certainly were other Muslim countries like that who contributed to the vast bloodshed that kept going on.


Because, country A was, unfortunately, crawling with thousands and thousands more evil people (Muslim cult worshippers, tribal leaders, religious sects, terrorists, gang bangers, insurgents, etc.), who preferred to kill each other over turf issues or for just about any stupid reason under the sun, more people kept getting killed... all of which was blamed on countries A, B, C, D, E and/or F for some illogical reasons.


Eventually, countries C, D, E and F (who by then had their own changes, for the worse, going on back home in their own governments) decided it was time for country A's citizens to grow up and stand on their own two feet, or die trying...


Thus the supposedly wise (but actually very ignorant) Obama-son, who bent over backwards and almost ruptured a couple disks apologizing to anyone and everyone he could think of that would listen, claimed it was costing too much to keep wasting any more manpower, hardware, resources, time and money civilizing them all; and, besides, countries C, D, E and F were now being ruled by people who could care less what happens in other countries or what fallout would eventually occur (a.k.a. ISIS).  Effectively they wanted to cut and run... so they did.


But that is never the end of the long and complicated story.


Here is the rest of the story.


In the meantime, years and years go by, and many of the ignorant, pacifist citizens in countries C, D, E and F, who never could be bothered to read a word of the "CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT" or the subsequent resolutions, that actually ended the IRAQ WAR (Parts 1 and 2), and who usually get their information spoon fed to them as propaganda distributed by the liberal liars and spin-doctors in the media, started harping about false reasons for executing the final resolutions to begin with (like WMDs which are easily hidden or sold {if there were any left over from when country A’s citizens had been gassed} thus little, if any, was ever found). The gullible citizens were continually focused on the so called WMDs and misled by their media sources and, thus, for years to come, keep on complaining about all of these problems they feel were caused by the leaders of countries C, D, E and F (and, in particular, the leader of country USA... C) who retired long ago; it is always easier to blame perceived failures on past leaders vs. any corrupt governments those leaders must serve under.




Countries C, D, E and F, their leaders and their militaries did not need ANY reason for engaging in Part 2 of the war with country A, nor to free the people in either country A or B; the corrupt leader of country A provided plenty of reasons for what countries C, D, E and F did.


But, it probably would have been better had the citizens of country A been left to live in Hades, where they belong, while the Obamadikes of countries C, D, E and F lived high on the proverbial hog and happily ever after... even if most of their points of view are nothing short of shameful as well.


Birds of a feather flock together... so to speak.