NOTE: In the following email thread, which is probably buried someplace within an NSA data mine, many Americans' names had to be masked. It was also generated AFTER Obama left office, so there's a much better chance the names won't be leaked away. But just in case I masked them anyway...


From: CJ
Sent: Friday, June 09, 2017 12:37 AM
Bcc: Many
Subject: Comey, Comey, Cooooo Meeeeeyyy

Where to begin? Well, I watched the entire, excruciating Comey Q&A... Comey/FBI Investigation Q and A (Full Q&A)

And now for some real analysis.

Comey sucked and contradicted himself to death, the democrats sucked even more, the GOP did a fairly professional job once again... until the very last person, John McCain, managed to suck the worst of all of them. Some of these people, and the idiots pitching their BS fake news comments afterwards, really need to go find other work to do. NO JOKE!

That said. Let's start with a few fairly good clips (2+2=4) and then take one or two "way out in left field", fake news, reviews and see if we can tell the difference...

President Trump Not Under Investigation!

Now John McCain's royal screw up...

John McCain's BIZARRE & INCOHERENT Questioning of James Comey

BTW. Just in case you are wondering what the F&#K McCain was TRYING to get at, let me clear the air.

He was trying to ask, "So, if the Russians tried all sorts of ways to mess up the election, were they really trying to get folks to vote for Trump or were they perhaps trying to help Clinton?" and "Why did you try to cut Clinton free, yet you have been investigating Trump's peoples' possible Russian connections for months and months and months and you still haven't come up with any real evidence or charges against anyone? WTF is going on?" That is what McCain was driving at. But, apparently, he couldn't even remember who Trump was or who Comey was. Embarrassing.

Side note.

How come Obama, and all his handpicked libtards in the Obama administration, knew all this Russian covert activity was going on, and the democrats in Congress knew it, and according to Clinton they knew the Russians were working for Trump (?) and yet they allowed it to go on month after month and didn't STOP it?! Does that add up??? And then, how come Obama got in front of the national cameras and said something like, "The odds of the Russians or anyone else corrupting our election are less than being hit by lightning."? Was that because he and his libtards were stopping it, or is that because he and his libtards wanted to cover it up and play it down, or is that because HE was in bed with the Russians or whomever was exposing the Clinton campaign corruption team, or was that because we have an Electoral College system and the Russians couldn't figure out what voting machines or voters to manipulate in order to rig the election even if they wanted to (unlike the way elections in most other countries can be rigged anyway)?? And, how come the FBI never gets around to investigating Obama's quid pro quo comment, "After my election I'll have more flexibility"? Say what? Sounds like if anyone was in the bag with Russia it was probably Obama and his administration, MANY of which met with Russians hundreds of times during his eight (8) long years of corrupting the country. Pretty cozy relationship if you ask me. But WTF. Democrats never do anything wrong now do they? He was probably just saying they could go on a date and hang out with some Russian gals and get stoned...

After my election I have more flexibility

And how come they never investigate Clinton's quid pro quo of making a deal to give tons of uranium to pay off the Russians ahead of her 2nd run for President?

Clinton Foundation Gets Millions In Exchange For Uranium Deal

Who is really in bed with the evil Russians anyway; Trump and his clan (who have never been in DC before) or Obama and his Chicago street gang? Or maybe none of the above?

Could it be that one of these days the FBI will figure out that the Russians were really backing the DNC and that the WikiLeaks email hackers were really just trying to take down the Clinton communists (?) they knew were corrupt as hell?? Hummmm.

Now, for some even better stuff that is so far out in left field you just gotta watch it. BUT REMEMBER, this is pure BS wrapped up in toilet tissue and colored blue so as to make it seem like something along these lines actually happened during the Q&A today...

Chuck Schumer REACTS... America is STUNNED!! Oh my god!

Q: Boy, was that a great act or what? A: Will somebody please tell Chucky to f@%k off!! This entire side show was crafted to give CNN and MSNBC something to report on while hoping they will not pick up and report on this instead...


Notice also that it is OK to Comey to go after your ex-boss who had all sorts of good reasons to shit-can you, but when you leak your notes about your boss, via some spineless slime bag and which you refuse to tell the investigating members their name and WHO you rounded up to help you go after Trump, there's nothing wrong with that??!! Kind of seems like maybe Comey does everything to help Clinton and the democrats look good or at least get off Scott free (and kill her chances at the White House), and little or nothing to help the current President or his associates set the record straight. Gotta keep that BIG DARK CLOUD out there so guys like Chucky can squeal away endlessly while you "... was going away to hide" to me...

Now, if you watch the entire Q&A (above) but only a high info voter would even bother you might just find it a little bit odd that at one point Comey claims Trump could stop any investigation he wishes and he could fire anyone he wants whether he thinks the investigation is a huge waste of time (paraphrasing of course) or not or if someone like Comey was doing a bad job or not or even if he had no reason at all. Yet Comey then tries to cover his tracks by claiming that Trump can't "hope" that his FBI director will put two and two together and lay off of someone they, the FBI, have already claimed did not break any actual laws to begin with; i.e. Flynn. And, on top of that, Comey then claims that Trump also wanted Comey to keep the investigation going and find out IF anyone like a "satellite associate" of Trump's did anything wrong. No wonder McCain was so confused by the time it was his turn to ask questions. So, question Mr. Comey: Did you feel you should halt the investigation of at least one of Trump's pawns on a "hope" or did you feel you should keep looking for any POSSIBLE suspects not yet located or defined? Which is it? And who's trying to fool whom here? Or are you the one who's confused and that's why you had to start taking down and leaking notes about your loose cannon boss who you figured would sooner or later cut you down for screwing things up, for once?



Chris Wallace & Shep. Smith REACT

Trump's attorney could probably paint Comey into a corner and put some stripes on him for squirming himself to death and committing perjury on a witness stand if he wanted to. And he could probably get Comey to admit that Clinton did break the law, she should be arrested and prosecuted, and he knew it all along but just didn't have the balls to make it happen.

Naturally, the left wing news media and idiots like Chucky Schumer and the rest of the democrats (with Maxine "shit for brains" Waters leading the band) will cherry pick things to death in order blow smoke and make it seem like they won the war again yesterday instead. The media will whack away at Trump and how stupid he is... he's at least as stupid as Clinton was for doing all her secret business on an unsecured server anyway. And they will howl at the moon until the cows come home. And, when all is said and done, Trump will still be President and the USA will look bad THANKS to the democrats and their F&@king media hound dogs.


When all is said and done Trump will be cleared, again, for the fourth time, his supporters will be cleared, Comey will take a long walk off a short peer, the democrats will get clobbered in the next couple election cycles, Clinton + Obama + Lynch will be put in jail (we can only "hope") and the USA will end up looking bad to the rest of the world once again... thanks to the left wing media and the democrats.

O'Reilly on James Comey's testimony

Over and out,



From: GK
Sent: Friday, June 9, 2017 9:41 AM
To: CJ
Subject: RE: Comey, Comey, Cooooo Meeeeeyyy

Hi CJ,

You know how busy I am, but I could not help myself and watched hours of Comey destroy himself in an amazing attempt to slime Trump? At least that is what I think I saw. This man is self-deluded in that he seems to think he has some kind of integrity that he figures out as he goes along. Seriously this guy is hard to fathom. I can't decide if he is for democrats or for republicans. I think one thing is clear, he is for Comey and will walk his perception of the fine line to keep his job. Well along comes a Trump non politician that Comey can't figure out how to deal with and insure his self-interests. I do believe Comey when he claims to be intimidated by Trump and do believe Comey was devastated by his firing because he simply could not realize that all his self-interest maneuverings to keep his job in the FBI was exactly why Trump got rid of him. As a result Trump figured out this guy could not be trusted and as a self-interest driven loose cannon could not be predicted. So then he weakly strikes back to only harm himself further. THIS IS WHO WE HAVE HAD IN CHARGE OF THE FBI!!!!!!!???????? These past years?

What the hell was [Obama] thinking? Then again, I am beginning to look back at the Bush era as Obama Lite. [But it was also Obama who hired Clinton as Sec State. BIG MISTAKE!]

Bottom line however messy it may be, Trump comes out a winner once again. F@$k all those pieces of shit that create these problems and the so called conservatives that line up to give it credibility. I seriously do not know how Trump continues to deal with all this. He has to work 80% fending off the attacks and 20% fixing our country as a fulfillment of all his promises to us. I would want so many heads on a platter that there would be virtually no one left to run the country.

Hell wait a minute, I just might have something here. Heads on a platter? Where is Kathy Griffin when you need her.


From: CJ
Sent: Friday, June 09, 2017 10:45 AM
To: GK
Subject: RE: Comey, Comey, Cooooo Meeeeeyyy


I was eating breakfast this morning, I hit Send/Receive and your email showed up in my In Basket. I smiled... then I read it... and what do I read... my busy body, titian of industry, GK, actually watched the Comey 3 ring circus yesterday. Go GK Go. :)

Then I keep reading and what do you say... you actually said Comey was harder to read than Trump... and that makes me recall what my wife said the other day, "Takes one to know one." And I told her, "Exactly. Trump reads Comey like a book and YOU'RE FIRED! Boom!! Right between the eyes... Problem is the dip shit democrats can't fire Trump." She says, "Good point."

And then you say, "I think one thing is clear, he is for Comey...". Bingo.

Then I get to the very end of your email and I read your conclusion and... SHIT!!... I choked on my milk that I was taking a drink of and it comes out my nose all over the desk top. LOL x 100!!!

You really GOT me GK!!@! Now I gotta clean up the mess. But, better yet. Maybe we should make a YouTube video where we walk into a cold storage locker carrying a platter covered with plastic covered heads and blood and we add them to all the other heads on a shelf labeled "Democrat Swamp People". LOL!!! Now that would go viral for sure.

Well, get back to work "Money Master".


P.S. BTW. I hope you realize that this Trump saga is way more important than your dang business issues dude? So, you better damn well be watching. After all, we're talking about America on the line here man. Just keep it in perspective OK? LOL. Oh, better read these tweeter tweet tweet threads once you get home in bed... F U N N Y... The dems can't even side with the best dem lawyer on the planet, that's how crazy they get when smoking pot now days...


From: GK
Sent: Saturday, June 10, 2017 5:42 PM
To: CJ
Subject: RE: Comey, Comey, Cooooo Meeeeeyyy


I enjoy myself too much. DK hears me laugh out loud for no apparent reason and then I tell her my funny line and she thinks I am crazy for laughing at my own stuff. Anyway, it is nice to hear that someone out there thinks my stuff includes humor. The best humor though rings truth through it all. I guess that is why I amuse myself with it. I am glad you had a chuckle even if that did include some milk.

On a more serious note, I recently was in a discussion with relatives and shirt tail relatives I do not spend regular time with. Many of them are of Japanese descent. One of them was RF we played against in high school sports. He went to Reynolds High School. Anyway, I know they know my heart, so I let it all out there; no political correctness if you know what I mean. What was interesting is they clearly think Trump is bad. But they accept that he is their president and want him to succeed but just not at the promises they think are so wrong. Like travel bans, building walls, etc. In our discussions, there was no question they voted for Hillary, but were not supporters of the Clintons. There is much I could reveal in the interesting debate we had going on, and you would have been proud of me for not losing my cool when they would get all smug about certain things that I said which only proves I watch Fox News sometimes. Yes, that is one of their best comebacks; that I am indoctrinated by the evil Fox News.

Anyway, I linger on uninteresting stuff too much. So RF and RX and their wives BF and MX are all taking me on. They were polite but sometimes drowned me out. Now my niece ML and her sisters were there but not participating, just listening. So at one point I just turn to ML (just out of the navy 6 years in) and I start asking her about racism and feminism in the military. She gave what I felt was a real life perspective. Right now she is living with a black man still in the military named RN. She explained several things she experienced and witnessed which was for the most part mild but definitely present. So I upped the ante and said "ML how do you define someone being a racist. As an example, much has been made of 'slant eye' Japanese and how they can't be trusted from world war two. If someone referenced your slant eyes, would you consider that a racist statement?"

ML was very serious when she responded, but the room went quiet as the rest of the Japanese people there stared intently at me. Actually there were several white people in the room that also glared at me, including my wife. ML expressed that would definitely qualify as a racist statement.

Then I asked "So if a person referenced your slant eyes, would they be a racist?" I was proud of my niece who answered with a story about her superior officer that happened to be black also. She explained that they had a good relationship and he regularly looked out for her. She had her differences with him because he was hard on her from time to time, but she never questioned his caring about her. Anyway, one day when he yelled at her for something, she laughed because he made this sort of funny face. He asked why she was laughing and she told him when he was yelling at her he looked like a monkey. Well, after she said this, he got all upset but calmed down enough to explain to her how that was a racist thing to say. She apologized and told him she never meant it that way. He said he knew her well enough to know she was innocent in her comment, but that now she would know to never refer to a black man as a monkey in any reference. My niece explained to me that even though the words had racist potential, that unless the heart of the person uttering such words included malice they themselves would not be racist.

So, I added my two cents... that what my beautiful niece, of whom I was so proud, said not only is that true, but I can say all the political correct things and look good on camera but still have malice or contempt or bigotry in my heart, meaning I am a racist that on the surface you would simply not realize. So my final point to all in the room was that what ML and I was just talking about is going on with the democrats who want minorities to believe they have their back. But at the end of the day, they operate in ways that demonstrates, many of them, are in fact bigots at the very least and racist to some degree. I included those of color who many times that elevate themselves on the issue of racism but then sell out their constituents to the power hungry democrats. Obama being the worst example of such leadership.

Well that got the room going.

But I was not done with these folks yet. Sometime later, I asked RF if his parents or grandparents were interned in the American Japanese camps of World War 2. I also said before you respond, let me tell you that, from what I know of it, I think it was the right thing to do under the circumstances of those times. RF surprised me with his response that his family elders, to a person, more or less refused to divulge their difficult experiences with any of their children telling them rather, "This happened to us not to you. You could not fully understand what was happening in those times in America. Live your American lives the way it is now and prosper." OK, that is my paraphrasing with a little embellishment but that was the gist of what I thought these elders were expressing to RL as he told it. RL told me he had to take a course at the University of Oregon to learn what really happened. I can only imagine the America bashing that went on in that class.

So I went further with all of them and explained: if Trump is not successful in properly blocking extreme Muslim sentiment from entering this country, we will eventually have to encamp Muslims like we did the Japanese. Now note my words; that I am including more than just crazy die hard Jihadists. I am saying Muslim extreme practices such as Sharia law advocates. I went on to explain any Muslim in our country should be suspect until fully vetted, whether or not they are an immigrant or foreigner. We should expel any Muslim we can that advocates Sharia law or other aspects of this religion that is deemed to be against what our country stands for. Yes I believe in freedom of religion, but any and all religions must be compatible with our laws. If our laws say you can't beat your wife, then even if your religion says you should beat your wife, such an individual is not to be protected by that aspect of his/her religion. Yes, this is a difficult line to draw, but it better be drawn and it better be drawn properly or little girls and their mothers will die in America. Internment is coming unless we stop [radicalism]. And we know exactly where it will come from. I for one am willing to risk religious freedom to eliminate any possibility of Muslim Extremism in America. Enough so, that I am advocating we quarantine or deport[/exile] any American Muslim that meets a set of criteria we deem potentially threatening.

So after my speech, I asked what they felt about what I had just expressed. To my surprise, they felt things like what I was saying is coming. However, they were polite, but said indirectly Trump and people like me with my kind of thinking is exactly what they are afraid of.

So I left them with this thought. In the room one of my nieces KB has a one year old baby girl named EV. Honestly, there is not a more darling, beautiful baby on this planet than that little girl who steals anyone's heart that sees her. So, I said, "However you may feel about Trump's extreme position on protecting Americans, tell me you would have the exact same view right after a terrorist in our country killed EV and her mother. Well, in Manchester there is a whole line of mothers and daughters with relatives right now examining their views on this subject. Don't wait to change your mind and support Trumps efforts. He is not as extreme as my views on the subject."

After that, DK let me know that I had said enough and I was censored for the rest of our time together.


We were all together at my wife's Step Father's death bed in his hospital room since he had a stroke and had given a do not resuscitate order. He will be dead in few days, so the room was somber to begin with. I am back home today, but DK is staying behind to be with him to the end.


From: CJ
Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2017 4:49 PM
To: GK
Subject: RE: Comey, Comey, Cooooo Meeeeeyyy


Keeping track of all the actors in your play was difficult to say the least.

One thing I will hand to you and DK, vs myself, is you guys sure have cultivated a MUCH BIGGER family circle. Good to hear some people are still making offspring vs. all the Muslims who have come over here that pop out a bunch of rabbits, like my Canadian Muslim barber (one of many around here who I won't let use his straight razor on me) who's from Egypt and has 3 kids already, to grow their eventual takeover via Sharia law, et al.

Personally, I think all the "racist" and "Islamophobia" BS is just that; BS. I will confess a few things on my own personal front though.

(1) I think many blacks act like the rotten apples who drag down the perception of their own race. LL doesn't like it, but when we watch the news and I see some black guy say something STUPID about Trump being a racist, or acting like a total idiot during some news report on black lives matter or at some resist Trump rally or whatever they do to bust up their own damn neighborhoods, I am not afraid to call them "a bunch of blacktards". To me a blacktard is a black person who is giving those of us in another race, who are law abiding and with much higher IQs, a real good reason to recognize their totally stupid behavior and how it is going to project the perception that other black people are idiots also.

(2) I have rarely EVER had any reason to hold any negative opinion of Asians in the same vein. IMHO most of them, on average, have a higher IQ than most blacks, whites, etc. Even the ones I have come across who show some lower IQ behaviors have never stooped to the level that I'd want to call them gooks or something like that. Hell, so far as Asian women go, I find most of them to be far more insightful and physically attractive than almost any black gal. Perhaps on the order to 8 out of 10 vs more like 1 out of 100 on the black scale. On the plus side you have people who show what blacks can rise to: Condi Rice was a good looking, SMART black gal, Tiger Woods was a decent black guy (lately he's going more towards blacktard), Ben Carson, Will Smith, Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston (?), ML King, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, etc. Then you have the flip side with morons like both of the Obamas, Sharpton, Tyson, Whoopi Goldberg, Maxine (shit for brains) Waters, Elijah (brain dead) Cummings, Dennis Rodman + CNN, etc. Is that racist or simply recognizing a fact of life?

Hillary Clinton Calls Black People Stupid

(3) I lost my virginity to a Chinese gal so maybe I'm a bigot or racists against white gals or black gals. Give me a break.

(4) For the most part I don't think I'm so much racist as I might tend to be more judgmental based on how people behave, how they think and act, and how they argue a position in a given conversation or debate. And if they act stupid I see no reason not to give them a derogatory label... like blacktard.

Given that, I seriously am convinced that liberalists have a mental disorder; they are libtards. They are simply gullible and easily persuaded because they are more emotion centered vs. a logical or reasoning/rational person... like my wife. For a female my wife could care less, 9 times out of 10, how something makes her or someone else feel when it comes to major life decisions. She, like most folks, will put on her friendly face and voice when dealing with a customer, listening to someone's story that caused them some emotional distress, etc. But, where the rubber meets the road, she is quite rational and level headed about what goes on in the world and her ability to effect any significant change. She and I are more introvert, I suppose you would say. I know for a fact that I am ISTJ...

...and I'd guess my wife is probably ISNJ... which might explain why I can't get a straight answer out of her many times when I want to discuss politically charged topics... she's more intuition oriented; i.e. don't go there. Not sure what category you would fall into (have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs survey on yourself?), but I suspect you and I are way more alike than different.

If you hover the mouse pointer over the 16 M-B types on this web page you can get an idea of what makes Lois and I tick and why we are pretty compatible (as eHarmony also indicated)...

The feeling types are in the middle, BTW. And those types, more often than not, think and do all the libtard crap in the world.

In fact, I dated a gal, J-R, who was 12 years older (a cougar), she had one of those sleek, tight ass bodies on her, and she was my polar opposite (opposites do attract). We dated for about a year. She was a great F&$K [that's locker room talk], a career counselor, she tested me for M-B and professional matches (police officer... like my old man, Radiologic technologist, Computer Programmer (IT), Elementary Teacher (I actually attended Oregon College of Education for a while BTW), IRS agent, Accountant (stock trader), Architect, etc.) and she also loved to test my limits and experiment with all sort of ways to push my buttons. Then to make up she dragged me into her bedroom and F-ed my brains out. And she loved the Clintons and anything Democrat. She was mental.

After a while it didn't matter how good she was in the sack or how sharp she was on the IQ level. Bottom line is she was a freaking head case which explained why she had also been seeing a shrink for about 10 years and why she wanted to drag me to see him also.

In fact, I went and saw the movie Ray by myself one day and it was so good I called J-R and took her to see my second time. Well, there was a scene in that movie where Ray's brother fell into a scalding hot pail of water... that his mother was getting ready to wash clothes in before she somehow got distracted... and his brother died. Ray's mom came out, saw his brother dead in the hot water and rationalized it and blamed Ray (maybe 10 yrs old at the time) because he never screamed for help. Anyway, when J-R saw that scene she FREAKED OUT and grabbed me a with a death grip right there in the theater and had to get up and leave on the spot. I took her home wondering WTF! had happened. Turns out her brother died just about the same way.

After that she told her shrink and he finally figured out WTF was her problem all those years. Then we broke up... after I helped her actually figure out WTF was really stuck in her head. Thank me. I crack the riddle and I get kicked to the curb. She's probably marching against Trump somewhere in Seattle as we speak.


Of the 16 personality types, it seems fairly obvious to me (assuming I am not rationalizing myself) that some are going to tend to "rationalize" things more than others. If we knew Hillary Clinton's, Chuck Schumer's, Nancy Pelosi's (who is also senile), Obama's, many CNN commentators', your relatives', etc. Myers-Briggs tendencies it would probably explain a lot...

Libtards simply do not employ logic well at all. Their goal is to rule the world and establish power, like you said, "... however you may feel about Trump's extreme position on protecting Americans, tell me you would have the exact same view right after a terrorist in our country killed EV and her mother." That was your attempt at exposing their irrational and emotion centered position by attempting to use logic coupled with an emotional argument of your own; thus being rational vs rationalizing. Yet, as you probably noted, no matter how you might have knocked down their illogical position on Trump, or the matters at hand, and no matter how that could have tweaked their feelings about the positions they hold, because they are rationalizing the way they are, they will never admit that it really does not hold water in the real world. It would take an army of shrinks 10+ years to straighten them all out.


But, good stories are definitely worth sharing as we rational beings can use all the help we can get.

Oh BTW. You really should watch this video. Might be an eye opener for you. Kind of "believer vs. atheist" trying to figure out what to do with all these libtards. PLUS, at one point, Prager defines the real difference between LEFT and RIGHT. It ain't what we average folks THINK...

The Morality Crisis - Left vs Right




From: GK
Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2017 5:45 PM
To: CJ
Subject: RE: Comey, Comey, Cooooo Meeeeeyyy

Just checked out that last youtube Morality discussion.

Very good! Here are some gems I wrote down from what they said. If there is no God the only thing left is materialism and therefore there is no free will. Secularism is the termite of society. Wisdom begins with the fear of God. The smaller the God, the bigger the government. When people stop believing in God they don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything.


By the way, in another family debate with different family members before Trump was even the Republican candidate and I was defending his statements as not racist regarding Muslims as the solution to our terrorist problems, I used the same example of a family member, my granddaughter in this case, as being a victim of terrorism to get him to say what he would do about Muslims. Then and he went berserk on me and then refused to further discuss anything. Basically my granddaughter's uncle refused to even consider such a concept. I am an Islamophobe that simply can't be reasoned with due to my overwhelming bigotry. He and I have not discussed even the slightest of political issues ever since. The libtard thinkers have no answers. When I don't have answers, I examine all that I can until I come up with one that is objective and as rational as my being is capable of determining. I look at all things and consider all possible views and, if need be, challenge my own positions until I can reconcile the issue within my own mind. If all libtards did that, honestly, they would not be far left liberals for long.


From: CK
Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2017 11:03 PM
To: GK
Subject: RE: Comey, Comey, Cooooo Meeeeeyyy

Glad you watched the video and took some notes. Got most of the key points also. Kudos. B+.

But, I think you missed the key point, which Prager pitched, that I was hoping you would catch... the true/real definition of left vs right.

" one point, Prager defines the real difference between LEFT and RIGHT. It ain't what we average folks THINK..."

Guess you are going to have to watch it all over again. I suspect you stopped watching at around 23 minutes. Try starting again at the 24 minute mark. ;^)

Left vs Right

But don't feel bad. Even Stefan failed to drill/focus in on it. He just heard the words and went on to whatever he wanted to say next. Thus the reason that even the smartest IQs, thanks to their worldly distractions within their own mind, will fail to grasp even some of the most simple basics, while the world around them flourishes, then goes radioactive, and then collapses once again.

All is not lost, though. We may not live to see the day, but each cycle within human evolution, thanks to each collapse generating a "significant educational event", will most probably boost human kind way above where the prior cycle left off... somewhat like each stock market rebound...

Left vs Right

It is up to the rational beings to take over each time the irrational among us undermine and destroy the current human enlightenment or progress movement... which guys like Trump are here for. He is the trigger that has set off the far left whack jobs (in many different forms, from dictators like the one in N Korea, to guys like Putin, to the Chinese communist power mongers, to the Obama/Clinton ilk, to the black assholes matter, to the DNC, et al) and now they are beginning to go nuclear. So, duck and cover.


P.S. The more I see the reaction starting to go into overload mode the more I may end up being one of those who ends up using EXTREME measures to take on a few of the key radicals among us before I die.

P.S.S. As an atheist, as is LL, I did figure something else out (which neither Prager, the religious person, nor Stefan, the atheist over thinking it person, managed to hit on) which I will run by you to get your take on it (the ultimate logical conclusion which, so far, nobody I have hit with it has been able to grasp)...

Destiny (not god) created free will and now we have to deal with it.

If you Google "Destiny created free will" you might find a FEW others who are zooming in on it... such as this person with a bit more complicated formula...

Destiny vs Free Will


From: GK
Sent: Monday, June 12, 2017 12:35 AM
To: CJ
Subject: RE: Comey, Comey, Cooooo Meeeeeyyy

You are right, that as good as it was, I went on to other things before finishing it.

Also, be aware that since I believe in God, my view of their discussion yields a biased result. It can't be helped. I get the graphs if that was the ultimate point of the discussion.

This brings up one of my philosophical views of how I [and most others] conduct my life.

I have learned that however much I am uncomfortable with this fact, however much I try to overcome this fact, the fact is I have little to no control over my situation. I do not get to choose what comes my way. I do not get to say how things will be. So energy spent trying to control or change the world is energy wasted that is better utilized on maneuvering my path in the world I find myself in. So it is important for me to analyze constantly what is coming so I can best prepare where I am standing when the sky starts falling. If the sky completely collapses, then I simply go down with everybody else. Otherwise, my high sense of self-preservation has me calculating exactly where I need to be standing when the first brick falls to the ground and make sure I am not under it. So that may give you some insight to my success in business as well. It is just a smaller scale than human events.

One more thing, that I may have expressed to you before, but is worth repeating. In my view, I have an edge on you atheists. The person, like I am, and there are many out there like me, needs a God in [their] life to keep them functional in our society. For people of my ilk, man's laws are not enough to keep me a productive member of society. It has to have more meaning than some other man or some group of men for me to be contained. I am a manipulative, calculating, strategic human, that without a belief system, that includes a higher all-knowing power/being, would be a significant threat to other members of this society we live in. That's the advantage to other members of this society [like you], that you support my belief in God. For me, besides the afterlife beliefs that come with it, I find guidance of the ages that helps me lead a more fulfilled life. When left to my own understanding, I end up usually successful but in my experience less happy. So over the course of my life I have been conditioned to follow God and his teachings. Do I stray from them? Of course I do and to that degree I am a sinner or evil. Just be glad that sinner or evil is not completely released. Get it? That is what I was focused on hearing from these two and all they expressed was validating my views. The end of our society as we know it is inevitable. It won't happen in our lifetime, but it is coming either in a big crash or some other kind of significant event that changes the course enough to reset society similar to earlier times. It could be a Trump or it could be a technology or maybe a combination of both. But to me one thing is clear now that Trump is in power. The path of destruction for our society is much more exposed when you see the degree of sickness that exists with so many people. Not just idiots, but pillars of our society on the wrong side pressing for the eventual destruction through their view of good works or improvements. It is probably too late, in my view, unless we do have a violent civil war as a result of Trump's extreme push in what you and I believe to be the right direction. Then many people will die. Then maybe the course gets re-directed. I feel a certain perverseness in my views and hope I am completely delusional, but with all I think I know, of this I am convinced. It only gets worse. For me, I will figure out a way to benefit from it and survive. That is what I do.


From: CJ
Sent: Monday, June 12, 2017 2:29 PM
To: GK
Subject: RE: Comey, Comey, Cooooo Meeeeeyyy

I can totally relate to what you are saying. And I do get it. 100%. Maybe even more than the way you said it.

"For me, besides the afterlife beliefs that come with it, I find guidance of the ages that helps me lead a more fulfilled life."

As an atheist the belief system that goes with it certainly can be less desirable for many reasons; not the least of which is the lack of any afterlife (or destiny) to look forward to. While the average theist can live and work and move through life without fear, or doing much harm, any atheist who is honest (or at least perceptive) must find a way to ignore their fear of death or suffer repeated panic attacks on almost a daily basis.

Living under the stress of such paranoid feelings doesn't do much good at all. Likewise, from an atheist point of view, I suppose it generates a perspective on life along the lines of "what does it matter" or "enjoy it while it lasts" which can easily lead to further corrupting their life vs. perhaps "do unto others as you would have others do unto you" or "god is love" or "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom [a better world] come. Your will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread [a.k.a. success]. And forgive us our sins/debts [mistakes], as we also have forgiven our debtors [those who take from us]. And lead us not into temptation [corruption], but deliver us from evil." Theists, who take such lessons to heart and apply them to their life and actions have the advantage of following a doctrine that is fairly well thought out by "the ages", exactly as you describe. So, if you pay attention you should trip up far less often than those who have not found the wisdom of "the ages" (a truly conservative position) from which to obtain rational guidance.

Most atheists, like most leftists thinkers (religious or not), spend very little time pondering sources of wisdom like the Bible, the U.S. Constitution, The Federalist Papers, well written books by wise authors, etc. As a result they become quite a bit more self-centered or materialistic as Prager (someone else I follow a lot BTW) attempted to outline.

That said, I feel lucky myself in that I do spend quite of bit of my spare time pondering things and events going on around me and seeking some tidbits of wisdom (don't click on that one; it will take you way too long to read it all) in order to recognize man's weaknesses and how human kind fits into the grander scheme of things. I have read large chunks of the Bible in order to at least gain the wise messages embedded within. Likewise with the Federalist Papers, etc. Rather than spending my spare time marching for false causes, like so many are doing now, I instead spend my time seeking more wisdom from those who wish to share it. That's one reason I love our email threads. You are wiser than you think, and I certainly enjoy drinking from your well.

There is one unfortunate thing I ponder over concerning theism, though. The basics of Christianity I have little worries over. Judaism and the teachings of the "Old Testaments" I wonder about, which I think Christianity has attempted to revise and correct. Some of the other religions, like Buddhism or Hinduism I can simply write off as not much of a threat to humanity one way or the other. But Islam, which seems to have been cooked up in an effort to subversively reject Christianity on many fronts, or to somehow revise its teachings into another contortion on other fronts, seems to me to be a very cunning attempt at resurrecting Satanism... w/o its followers, or anyone else for that matter, even realizing it. Sheep to the slaughter. Islam is the one religion of current times that I seriously worry about for obvious reasons. The idea that you follow a certain set of teachings or you are worthless and of no consequence, an infidel, when killed no big deal, is demonic to say the least. Islam is the only religion which has followers thinking along these lines. My way or the highway. And it has had such followers from day one, and yet next to nobody within their congregations, of which there are many, seems very interested in doing anything about it. Thus, those who embrace Islam, and/or who do not recognize its faults, IMHO, are fools. Plain and simple.

Considering there are over 1.8 billion (of 7+ billion) followers or 24.1% of the global population and growing who follow its doctrines and "laws", and perhaps a couple billion more who wish to at least turn the other cheek so far as they are concerned, myself included (short of writing things like this which at least expresses some concerns), that is a serious problem to address, one which will, sooner or later, kick over the chess board as well.

So, there is the sky which you are worried about falling. Couple far left thinking with big government as their answer to nearly everything, and their substituting it for religion, and their support for Islam migration, including its terrorist factions right along with it, and their idealistic multiculturalism (i.e. diversity as a false god), gay marriage, abortion, legalizing drugs, free sex, taxing the rich, et al, and nothing good is going to happen as a result. Many of the far left libtards are atheists and many atheists have embraced their general way of thinking. Not me or even LL necessarily. But many, for sure. Probably most.

So, that is the powder keg as I see it. And I doubt you see it much different. Atheist or theist we can both see the obvious.




From: GK
Sent: Monday, June 12, 2017 3:38 PM
To: CJ
Subject: RE: Comey, Comey, Cooooo Meeeeeyyy

Well stated. I like our e-mail exchanges. Frankly, the people I share time with can hardly handle my views, except for maybe my son TK. Outside of him, I feel for the most part isolated in my conclusions. Many people love me; which is to say they love me in spite of my eccentric views. Over time, I have been dramatically conditioned to reign myself in. If and when I go there, with friends and relatives, I still hold back as they view me extreme. If they only knew. When some of my more extreme things come out they assume it is just Uncle/Grandpa GK going for shock value. That lovable kind person does not really see things that way. So I allow myself to be undermined. To a large degree it goes back to what I explained before. I discipline myself to be a survivor and nothing more. I make the best out of my situation as I find it and concern myself with trends to try and predict which way to zig or which way to zag as events unfold. I also make moves that include my immediate and to some degree greater family. They have no clue and think me eccentric but love me anyway.

It is refreshing to have a friend that is a thinker and of like mind. We come from fairly diverse perspectives but arrive at very similar conclusions when looking at the world we live in. I think that lends itself to imply our views contain more truth/reality than the masses. I am not being arrogant, because truth is always elusive and tough to pin down. It needs to constantly be measured. I spend minimum time on it and accept that I will get many things wrong. I think you are a pretty smart guy, but more importantly, you remain pretty open in your thinking and not so judgmental as you may be viewed on the surface. We clearly disagree on some major views such as God vs no God. But I can consider the strong possibility that I have that wrong. I believe you consider the possibility that you have that wrong. I am just the guy that likes the safer bet and does not bet on his own ability to discern accurately. You in my opinion take more risk and have stronger beliefs in your views. But your strong beliefs are because you put so much energy in pursuit of knowledge. So when you come to a conclusion, you have yourself convinced that you have pretty much vetted the subject thoroughly. My overall view is the more I learn the more I realize what I do not know. So I have gotten comfortable with the idea of not getting it right and making the best of what I have to work with. Then I spend less time on pursuit of knowledge and more time on scheming and strategizing with what knowledge I do possess. It works for me.