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Ever wonder to yourself, "Does Congress or the administration really know what
they are doing when it comes to regulating businesses and our U.S. economy?"
If you seriously think so, then it is time to view a few more "fun to watch" videos
(from recent years) that might help open everyone's eyes just a tad...

Now, if you have a rather large warehouse, I have a TRILLION DOLLARS and I'd like a safe place to stash
it, before the tax payers find out and come after me to help pay down their National Debt. And, by the way,
this display should help put things in perspective when talking about the real world of money with
all your friends and relatives...

I WONDER... How much could one buy with a Trillion Dollars anyway? Would it have been possible to
"grant" HUD an extra Trillion Dollars with a mandate to go out and buy most of the houses that went
into foreclosure and sell them later for a profit to help pay off the government's (and country's) own
debt (vs. the fat cat bankers on Wall Street)? And would that have possibly solved almost all of our
real estate sales problems by establishing a bottom under the housing market? And maybe HUD could have
rented all those houses back to the poor folks who lost their high paying jobs or got stuck into ARMs
and interest only "sub-prime loans" (like they already do with other "low income housing") and
eventually realized they could not afford their payments? And maybe that would have prevented many
others from ending up in "up-side-down loans" and ghost town neighborhoods to boot? I wonder... how
much did they say the "stimulus plan" and all the "bail outs" was going to run us? I wonder...

If that does not impress you, then let's watch what happens if a president tells us all
(back in early 2009) that he and his administration is going to cut a WHOPPING $100 Million
from the federal budget in order help fix the government's spending and budget problems
while promoting "change" in the way the U.S. government, under his brilliant leadership,
is managed. Will saving $100 Million really help fix the U.S. government budget or
spending problems?

I, the President of TMI, used to drive race cars in my prior life. So, I have been known to drive
too fast, occassionally, around a perfectly safe race track; somewhere in the 150 mph to 160 mph
speed range (down the longer straight sections on some of the faster race tracks of the west coast).
But, even I would NOT consider this to be very realistic while driving down one of today's modern,
congested freeways. Let's see what today's, so called, "government" thinks is a safe speed to spend
tax payer dollars at...

Hummm, I sure hope FactCheck.org is keeping an eye on this guy's facts. And, apparently they are.
Although, it was once said that the U.S. Congress has never run a budget surplus after the Civil War.

In any event...

I want to hire this guy. Let's see what else he has cooked up to explain how the
job market has been fixed thanks to some of our government's other grand plans as well...

So, did you hear they (i.e. the President and Congress) are going to "freeze the budget"?
Well at least until they thaw it back out again; the next time global warming goes up another
half a degree...

Who the HECK (can't say HELL on the web can you?) is this guy anyway? Crank up the volume
if you really want to know. Who knows, maybe he can even figure out the cost of the latest
"health care" bill... or was it the CBO who said,
"Who knows? Some things just cost a LOT, that's all."