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Think being a leader takes guts? Well...
Maybe you should try being the follower who transforms a lone nut into a leader!
TMI will show you how.

What happens when ideas have sex? You might be surprised...

Will government ever really help to transform "Main Street" again?
Or just "Wall Street"?

Fun Money Videos

Let's get something straight, once and for all...

Back when $17+ Trillion was the National Debt

So far there is only one real concept AND one real plan that MAY help, and it is a long shot...

Now And Then

But, IF we cloned someone like this 535 times within the U.S. Congress then maybe government could help...

David Walker

OK. So what?
If government is not much help, then who does want to help?
Answer: TMI.
TMI wants to help "Main Street", believe it or not.
And we have plenty of
to do just that.

Please contact us for more information on any of our services or if you have any ideas or projects that you think TMI might be interested in working on with/for you.