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Nektonic, Inc., NTI Racing and the 1995 NTI Racing Z28 Camaro were SOLD after the 2007 racing season (rumor has it the NTI Racing Camaro is still winning races on the east coast now). That is the bad news. The good news is that both Chuck Jessup and Ramona Kauhi were then able to move on to "greener"... although definitely not "funner"... pastures, as a result. Chuck used his share of the liquidation proceeds to capitalize Transform Me, Inc. / TMI-America.com.

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Rose Cups in 2000
Chuck cutting corners in the Y2K Rose Cups race
at Portland Int Raceway, OR.
May 2005 Race
Chuck getting ready to put the peddle to the metal
in Turn 12 at Portland Int Raceway, OR. (July 2005)

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Chuck was also on the Board of Team Continental (an ICSCC member racing club) and was web master for Oregion Region SCCA at one time. Check them out via these links.
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What Chuck wants next Xmas...

A slightly use Caddy CTS-V Sport Wagon (the perfect car for old married farts)... click on image to view more!