About Transform Me, Inc. (TMI)

Who founded Transform Me, Inc.?

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Charles K. Jessup (a.k.a. Chuck) is the President, "front man" and majority owner/investor who developed the original Transform Me, Inc. business model, after spending 25 years working for Qwest Information Technologies, both as a "Project Manager" and "Software Engineer" and two and one half years as President and CEO of Nektonic, Inc./NTI Racing. Before retiring from Qwest IT, Charles worked on a vast number of complex DP and business related projects, large and small. He has been the majority owner and CEO of two other corporations (Logical Options, Inc. and Nektonic, Inc.) prior to forming Transform Me, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon in Computer Science and Business Management. Charles has also attained two Associate degrees in Science and Art and certification in dozens of management level fields of study. Charles has clocked over 30+ years of business, IT, educator/mentor, private pilot, performance driving instructor, and competition road racing related experiences. Having written many educational articles and corporate in house publications, Charles is a firm supporter of education opportunities giving people a jump start in the worlds of both business and FUN. Having also taught classes in a business school environment, he loves teaching, organizing on the job cross training efforts, and helping others grow in a supportive working environment. Likewise, Charles spends nearly all his free time researching new technologies, learning new skills he needs to help grow his small businesses and seeking ways to help other businesses meet their own goals and objectives as well. Charles believes that learning, understanding, and fine tuning things that do not work quite right are job one.

Charles recently resided in Birch Bay, WA (near Blaine, WA), which is a popular small business and tourist community situated north of Bellingham, WA and south of Vancouver, BC.

As of May, 2014, Charles lives most of the time in Surrey, BC (near Vancouver, BC) when he's not traveling far and wide either visiting customer offices in the U.S. and/or TMI's home office in the Seattle, WA area.

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Quintin Lim is the Vice President of Transform Me, Inc. Quintin holds an MBA and a BS degree from Seattle University. Spanning over 30 years as a professional, Quintin has owned businesses established by both him and his wife, and has sat on the Boards of several legal entities. Quintin strongly believes in the value of education and has volunteered his time and resources to community groups helping high school students get a good beginning in the professional world. Starting his career as a "Programmer/Analyst", Quintin rose his way through the ranks of corporate America and has a solid foundation in Information Systems applications design and implementation. More recently, Quintin has worked as a "Consultant" in the capacity of "IT Business Analyst" for both retail and eCommerce applications at various major companies in the Northwest, applying the principles of "Lean Six Sigma". Quintin and Charles met when teaming up to work on large projects at Pacific NW Bell/U S West/Qwest, subsequently becoming close friends and associates; they have been in close contact for decades as a result. So, he was a natural choice when Charles asked Quintin to serve on the Board of Directors and as Vice President of Transform Me, Inc. in order to balance out the leadership of the company and to make sure Transform Me, Inc. had a well rounded management team at the top.

Quintin heads up our service delivery efforts in the Seattle, WA metro area market.

Quintin recently resided in the vibrant community of Renton, WA, just south of Seattle. However, after moving up in the world, Quintin now resides in the bedroom community of Algona, WA.

Transform Me, Inc. currently focuses on FIVE catagories of business activities or services...

(1) Small business "Administration", "Bookkeeping", and/or "Accounting" services (TMI Versa Help).
(2) Performing "Contract Work" for individuals or organizations, on an "As Needed" basis (TMI Versa Help).
(3) Small business "Project Management", "Consulting" and "Transformation" services (TMI Project Management).
(4) "Web Design/Hosting", "Network (LAN) Administration", "Disaster Recovery", and "Information Systems Backup and Recovery" services (TMI-America.com).
(5) Packaging and delivering informational products and workshops designed to help others reach their "purchasing power" goals (TMI World of Money).

What is the reason for starting TMI, the business, and what is TMI's primary business model?

Simple. Or rather "Simplicity". The foundation on which TMI - as a business and business model - rests is "Simplicity" vs. "Complexity". The best way to understand what this means is to slowly read our Mission Statement or to watch a short video that you can find on the TMI CEO Blog page.

Many folks ask us, "Why the name Transform Me, Inc.?"

Simple (again). Everyone (and every organization) goes through various TRANSFORMATIONS as time passes. Some of these transformations are easy, some are more difficult. All transformations, good or not, easy or difficult, are usually positive growth experiences and educational opportunities. Change is inevitable. So, Transform Me.

Transform Me, Inc. believes that everyone on our team should both work hard and have FUN to get the most out of life. We stay focused on how all our activities leverage our contributors' talents and help attain positive results for our customers, our business contacts and our stockholders. We think we are succeeding on all fronts.