First off let me tell you that I was single for about 15 years after my first divorce. But, I've finally found my Ms Perfect; my wife Lois. We got married on November 14, 2007. So now I'm going to need a new/different New Year's resolution.

Professional Interests and Other Achievements

Data Processing Analyst (Applications/On-line Systems Software Engineer)... retired. Was employed by Qwest (previously Pacific NW Bell then U S WEST Communications) from 1979 to 2004. Majority owner, President and CEO of Transform Me, Inc. until retirement Dec 2019. Dabbled in a few other companies as an employee along the way, and several projects as a result.

Personal Interests and Achievements

And now for the good stuff...

Graduated from Gresham Union High School in 1972. Attended Mt Hood Community College (MHCC), Oregon College of Education (OCE), and the University of Oregon (U of O) through June 10, 1979. Obtained AA degree in Art and AS degree in Computer Science from MHCC, BS degree in Computer Science with Business Management minor from U of O in 1979. Have taken internal and external training courses (too many to count) from various sources as part of my on the job training over the past years. It seems we never get to stop learning new things.

Played football and baseball (primarily) in high school. Also wrestled one year and was on the track team four years in high school. Got into softball for several years and ended up managing a team called the Muff Divers then changed the name to Storm for three seasons, through 1991. Then I decided to play hard ball from '92 through '96 in a senior men's baseball league, named the Puget Sound Men's Senior Baseball League (PSMSBL); Seattle metro WA area. I played on the A's two seasons, the Mets two seasons and the DiamondBacks one season until shoulder injuries and hamstring issues made baseball less than enjoyable. After that changed gears and took up billiards seriously for a change of pace (I played a mean game of 9-ball and won my fair share of local tournaments). Also enjoy or have enjoyed learning to roller blade (if you can call it that), playing tennis, racquetball, snow skiing, water skiing, karate, and chess.

I am also a decent amateur photographer. And I like day hikes on occasion. I've tried sky diving, jet skiing, parasailing, and used to fly planes (private pilot certified) and ride motorcycles. I have even been known to snorkel and surf the World Wide Web... among many other pass times.

Oh, I almost forgot. For about 10 years I was also seen wearing this rather hot looking race car driving suit and helmet (as an avid road racer with a couple SCCA regional championships to my name over the years) while driving a modified Z28 at the various local road race tracks. Go ahead. Check it out.

More recently I took up target shooting and hunting with son Jason as hobbies and passtimes; as well as taking day hikes and traveling with Lois now that she finally retired also. Most of my notes/videos on these activities can be found on my main page.

As a kid I once took a ride in a U.F.O. Are you interested in where I've been and what I've seen? If so just click here.

To continue...

My first marriage lasted from March 17, 1978 (St. Patrick's Day) through October 7, 1992 (Susan's birthday) to Susan White who is the mother of our sons Jason (born 1978) and Darryn (born 1980). They are both great kids and each has turned out to be interested in very different things. Jason was into sports and got good grades at school and went on to obtain his degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management. Darryn is a computer whiz and video game nut. He's sharp as a tack and has size 14 feet. They can each tell you more about themselves than I can. I love them both very much.

I also dearly love(d) my mother and father (both have passed on to better places), my two sisters, Carolyn and Connie, and several other friends and relatives whose names will remain a mystery within these passages.

More/Misc Info About Myself

My father and mother were married on March 3, 1951 in the small town of Gilchrist, Oregon (south of Bend). If you want to check out my family tree just click on one of these and follow their links to my siblings, ancestors and/or descendants, etc...

Father Cap
Mother Patricia
Son Jason
Son Darryn

Most of my relatives can be seen via the links to my family tree. This next link will take you to a photo album table containing any other relatives which I have photos of so far (it will take a long time to load so hang in there): Misc Relatives

If you're interested in where I've lived and some of my personal stories and beliefs then click here.

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