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WARNING: Use AI Chat apps with CAUTION!
EXAMPLE 1: How one AI Chat app explains birthdays vs. age
EXAMPLE 2: How one AI Chat app explains U.S. elections
EXAMPLE 3: How one AI Chat app explains the seasons
AI Worries: A video discussion
AI Worries: How one AI Chat helps calm worries over AI

Victor Davis Hanson Sums It Up!
What The Left Did [And Does] To Our Country

Judge Joe Brown and Larry Elder expose the MLDs also (on the PBD Podcast/Youtube channel)!
Brown YT version and YT version Elder

What does the average person inflicted with a HUGE case of
TRUMP Derangement Syndrome
really think like?

This GIANT MLD cock sucker interviewed on the PBD Podcast/Youtube channel in Sep 2023 is probably a classic example!
YT version


My Take On The Floyd Case - Before Appeal(s)

A MUST WATCH DOCUMENTARY that supports many reasons for the defendants to appeal!
The Fall of Minneapolis

Will the shit hit the fan and...

Who Will Ever Stop It?

All About Illegal Immigration and...

Why IMHO It Must Stop

USA's Marxists are easy to figure out.
They are the Libtard Demoncrap party supporters who are...

YT version

Best So Far TIMELINE: Uvalde TX School Shooting

The reds are coming, the reds are coming... correct that... the reds are in D.C. (now what?)...

Control and Power of Central Banks, Ideological Belief Systems
YT version

Can Banks Individually Create Money?
Answer: Yes but...

Reconsidering Monetary Policy
... or else what?

Lost Century In Economics

THE 2022 RECESSION (nobody admits to)

My opinion on the latest effort to undermine SCOTUS...

SCOTUS LEAK 05/02/2022

An ESSAY explaining how/where the WHO/CDC/NIH and the world's MLDs went wrong...


The author reads his ESSAY to all YouTubers...
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Watch - 13 Dead And Counting

YT version

WTF!! What was G. W. Bush's REAL 09/11/2021 message?

Read This Email Thread From The Top Down To Find Out


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How I Started Listening To Rush


Front Line Drs White Paper On Safety and Use of HCQ
Front Line Drs HCQ Medical Studies

Real COVID-19 Numbers - USA vs Other Countries

George Washington was our first President from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797. He made every effort to cement the Union of the then States; which President Lincoln, and the Union soldiers who fought under him (apx 360,200 who gave thier lives as well), made every effort to maintain from then until now.

Near the end of Washington's second term he gave a
HISTORIC Farewell Address
which by the middle of 2020 has been long forgotten; and the sentiments of which have been actively undermined by Marxist Libtard Demoncrap (MLD) factions (Anifa, BLM, et al), as of this writing, that have been rioting in the streets in many cities of the nation to date.

A second Civil War is being stoked by the otherwise renamed demon-crap party, which fully embraces these law breaking miscreants, in order to gain power, unseat President Trump from office and install a Marxist puppet leader, by the name of
"Sleepy" Joe Biden
(because anyone listening to him usually goes to sleep), in Trump's place...

Jan 2017 to Jan 2021 is the time of TRUMP
(Click to read Trump's Dec 07, 2019 Letter To Nancy Brain Dead Pelosi)
which, hopefully, if the voters have any mental capacity at all, will last until Jan 2025.
Because TRUMP is a lot smarter than most will admit, he not only saves lives
Trump saves COVID-19 patient (YouTube video)
but he nominated these two middle age Constitutionalist judges,
Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh
for SCOTUS, which were wise moves, yet not perfect by any measure,
designed to retain said SCOTUS seats for years to come...
unless more
occure sometime in the future again.

As a result of this and other efforts which Trump has employed, to slowly "drain the swamp" in D.C. and the U.S.A., Trump has been attacked on a daily basis by anti-American forces which would rather see to it that the U.S.A. be changed into a Marxist nation ASAP;
as explained


BUT, on 04/18/2019 all of that has changed. As a result I now predict that the Marxist Libtard Demoncraps are about to meet their final downfall. To find out more click HERE and enjoy what you read... unless you are an Obama/Clinton fan. In that case do NOT do anything that might pop your bubble.

That said, feel free to explore the rest of this CEO Blog page,
enjoy this free content, and let others know about it.

Check out the Coffee In Heaven video series
hosted by CEO of

Full length copy

The entire Coffee In Heaven video series may be found in the
TMI Video Library
or on
TMI's channel.

Which candidate for President did you vote for in 2016?
Hopefully, anyone BUT...
Hillary Rotten Felon Clinton

Don't agree with Me?
Well, here's what a...
U.S. Marine thinks about the Clinton clan.

Before the 2016 election

Hillary Oath

What should have happened after the 2016 election

Hillary Jailed

The EVIL HISTORY AND TACTICS of the Marxist Libtard Demoncrap party

From post-Civil War times to 2020+ the demoncraps have plotted, over and over again, HOW to get into power and HOW to stay in power. It is hard to believe that they managed to brainwashed 90% of the black voters, not to mention millions of non-black voters, to vote them into power to begin with. They even began going full on Marxist/communist, slowly but surely; with the help of groups like the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, their MLD controlled Marxist propaganda media, Hollywood, college professors, etc...

Then along comes Trump and screws everything up. So, back to the drawing board. All out “resistance” with a black man named Obama at the helm.

Marxist Libtard Demoncrap history has adapted every inch of the way, using “divide and conquer” tactics over the years (while always pointing the finger at any GOP leader), until they have taken over nearly every large city in the country, and unleashing their Marxist rioters to generate chaos and destruction for the simple purpose of regaining POWER all over again (any time power slips from their grasp). And, as always, a huge number of voters fall under their cunning spell.

Watch the full four part video series, via the link below, and notice the parallels between then and now.


Trump Should Have Used His Ace In The Hole

Trump had one simple ace in the hole he SHOULD have used to teach our corrupt Congress and the Marxist Libtard Demoncraps and RINOs within Congress a lesson...

Read more.

Either way we will eventually get the wall finished as explained here... CEO, Chuck Jessup, issues a stern Dec 2018 statement about


The Anti-Gun Debate

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is hard for most people to grasp and
understand without getting their tails in a knot.

Thanks to several mass shootings at home and abroad, the anti-gun crowd (i.e. the Obamas and Clintons of the world) never let a crisis go to waste. As soon as some nut job or terrorist decides to make a name for themselves by gunning down unarmed civilians in a school, theater, nightclub or any other "gun free zone" in America the liberals jump on their soap boxes or start writing articles explaining to us all why we must give up our right to keep and bear arms...

Read more.

How SHOULD our "right to keep and bear arms" be interpreted?

The goal of the following analytical essay will be to break it down, piece by piece,
in order to put all argument and debate over its intended meaning to rest...

Read more.

Probably the best SCOTUS opinion based on the Second Amendment thus far has been
District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008) where Justice Scalia explained it in detail...

Read more.

A good review covering this topic, including a link to the
decision, is also worth reading...

Read more.

Now that we have that part sorted out, here are some of my impressions about
actually owning and operating a few different firearms...

Read more.

And the following links will give you some idea about what I think of
Marxist Libtard Demoncraps (who trample on people's "rights") running the U.S.A. vs. Republicans, et al...

The MLD New World Order (1).
The MLD New World Order (2).

A great read.

More great reads.

The Nunes MEMO
Who really colluded with Russia prior to the Nov 2016 Clinton/Trump election?

Read more.

Typical libtard reactionary interview.
Typical Marxist media crack pot calling the kettle black? Get real!

Now for some FACTS...

Factual Nunes interview.

BTW, Nunes never recused himself.

A article on Steele's activities and dossier HIDDEN behind paywall.

So, IF you answered the above question by saying to yourself something like,
"Obviously it was Chris Steele, who was bought and paid for by anti-Trump actors such as the DNC and the Clinton campaign, that colluded with various sources in Russia..."
(per legal and congressional members that have reviewed
Steele's DOSSIER, etc.)"
then give yourself five gold stars.

If you have also figured out how corrupt the swamp in DC has become, thanks to having people like Obama, Lynch, Clinton, et al in charge over the prior eight years before Trump came along, and why Trump would like to drain it then give yourself some extra credit to boot.

Thoughts on the Rule of Law...

Why do most of us respect the Rule of Law, while others, such as dictators and many monarchs (who prefer to rule things their own way), activists (who prefer to rebel against vs. operate per the law), anarchists (who oftentimes feel their choices and desires are the only choices or desires to be considered), terrorists and crime groups (need I say more), and even some governments and/or administrations, etc. appear to show very little respect for the concept of the Rule of Law in their daily lives? What roll does the Rule of Law play in providing "social order"? And what things should both governments and those who pick their leaders and politicians consider when it comes to the Rule of Law? ...

Read more.

Understanding USA Immigration/Citizenship Law and History

Most people think that if you are born on U.S. soil you are somehow a U.S. citizen by default. And they very well may be right, for the time being anyway. But, what is most important in terms of living in the U.S.A. is NOT where you are born but who your parents are; is one of your parents a U.S. citizen already? If so you may also be a U.S. citizen even living abroad; or possibly a dual citizen (depending on where you were born and which country your parents are from).

What if you are a U.S. citizen and move to another country and you wish to become a citizen there? Do you know you must jump through a lot of hoops and satisfy a lot of red tape...

Read more.

What is wrong with America?

The short answer is that there are too many "libtards".

The longer answer I explore below...

The United States of American is probably the first Constitutional Federal Republic ever formally established on Earth. It's early settlers, most of which became known as the Patriots (as opposed to the Loyalist), and its citizens have flourished, as a result, for over 230 years... from 1776 when the Patriots declared their independence and refusal to continue living under a tyrannical monarch, through the Revolutionary War, the drafting and ratification of the original Constitution in 1787, the War of 1812, until now.

The problems with being a Constitutional Federal Republic are many, not the least of which being the fact that it was designed to be a collection of independent sovereign STATES which elect REPRESENTATIVES who meet at the Federal level to decide what FEW rules (laws) and services the entire collection of STATES and the citizens might need in COMMON vs. what liberties and rights they might hold independently at the STATE LEVEL. This was originally understood to allow only LIMITED powers (and NOT any rights) at the Federal level of government while all remaining powers and RIGHTS were to be retained "of the people, by the people and for the people" at the STATE LEVEL.

Unfortunately, people who call themselves "demoncrats" often refuse to embrace this concept of government. They get carried away at the Federal level and ignore any powers or rights which should be retained at the STATE LEVEL or by the people. They believe the country is a "democracy" not a "Federal Republic" and that the mob should rule, not the people or the STATES they reside in. So they gather into said mobs to prove the point that the "demoncrap party", and those who follow its lead, are nothing more than closet Marxists who want to label everyone else as either racists or Nazis so they feel justified in causing havoc LEFT and RIGHT.

Other people go even further and desire "socialism"; with an all powerful "central government" that should rule the day (Constitution or not). And they figure it will never result in outright communism, even though that's exactly what will ultimately happen. After all, they are only looking out for poor, ignorant people. What is so bad about that?

And, as the population has grown, and as the "limitations" to Federal POWER have been rejected and/or circumvented at the Federal and Judicial levels of government, the dictates within the Constitution, even those within the Bill of Rights which was originally crafted in 1791 in order to prevent corruption of the people's powers and RIGHTS, have been ignored.

People who think along these lines in order to subversively undermine the designs of governance within the U.S.A. are what I label as "libtards". They simply do not understand that they are not acting in anyone's best interest in the long run. They are NOT the solution. They are the problem.

Those are the main reasons for the corruption in Federal government which is manifesting itself today within the U.S.A.

And that, in turn, leads to conversations such as those between a modern day "constitutionalist" and modern day "conservative"...

Read more.

Thoughts On Bitcoin...

IMHO "crypto currency" is simply another fad. Many people invest, or get involved, in things like this based on absolute zero knowledge of what it is they are investing in. So what you have here is nothing more than a bunch of people thinking they're investing in something... which is really nothing. Bitcoin isn't a construction company, it's not a Microsoft or Apple, it's not a gold mine in Africa, it's not an airline or oil field, it's not even a house or a car, it's NOTHING but an idea to suck money (your purchasing power) in and blow it, or wash it, back out...

Read more.

Destiny Created Free Will... now we have to deal with it

Sometimes, after many years of life, someone comes along and sorts it all out.

People and theists and atheists and philosophers the world over will argue up and down about which is right.

Is there a destiny, a grand plan, only; which means we really have no choice over what happens in our lives?

Or do we have free will, and thus we are able to pick and choose our actions, the results of which we should own?

Read more.

The Sad History of the PPACA (a.k.a. Obama's Unaffordable No Care Act)

On Jan 08, 2016 Obama vetoed the first ACA (Obama's Unaffordable No Care Act) repeal bill to reach his desk; after passing both the House and Senate. That bill, H.R. 3762, IMHO, got rid of most of the expensive and most of the un-constitutional parts of the ACA... Likewise, H.R. 3762 would have cracked down on Planned Parenthood's funding for abortions which was indirectly provided via the ACA's regulatory allowances behind the scenes within the corrupt Obama administration. These were the key parts of the ACA which demoncraps passed back in 2010 and which republicans tried to repeal... as promised... many, many times...

Read more.

Which Is A Better Country: Canada or the USA?

After living in Canada (several years) and the USA (most of my prior life) people ask me, "Which is better?" Is Canada a better country than the USA?

While that is primarily a subjective topic for most, here is my take based on some objective data... plus some of my own subjective points of view...

Read more.

UK Bans Savage But Not Muslims?

Liberalism is a mental disorder. Like it or not, there is truth in this statement. Liberal judges and governments will ban anyone from thinking out loud, if what those others think challenges their mental disorder. When someone suggests that a good way to protect law abiding citizens of a nation from acts of Islamic terrorism is to stop letting people come from countries crawling with radical Islamic terrorists, those ideas are tagged as "poison" by liberals and anyone thinking that way are branded as the radicals vs. an Islamist who would actually kill someone simply for not thinking the way they think. Liberals prefer to remain in a state of constant denial about reality as opposed to applying common sense solutions towards addressing the effects of radical Islamic terrorism...

Read more.

Listen up.

What Are RIGHTS?

Nowadays many folks think RIGHTS are just about anything someone claims they are. Are rights something that only a certain minority or subset of people should have a "right" to? Is there a way or method for recognizing true rights vs. false rights. The answer is...

Two wrongs do not make anything right.
And true rights don't make anything wrong.

Read more.

How did I predict the 2016 election almost EXACTLY to the vote?

Using some very simple reality analysis and knowing how many VERY GOOD reasons there were for backing Cruz or Trump, here is what I predicted and how I did it...

Check it out.

NOTE: Make sure you read it all, including the link(s).

And here is a pretty good post election run down on who Trump really is by a left leaning publication no less...

Check it out also.


(1) So the country would have a chance to fill any empty seats on the U.S. Supreme Court
with real judges who know the law...

Click here to watch

(2) And so people like Nancy Brain-dead Pelosi will have to try a lot harder to screw the
USA up than she has in the past...

Full length copy


Check out this email debate exploring many reasons to flush Hillary Rotten Clinton down the toilet...

Read more.

What is the real story with Hillary Clinton's email server scandal (Part 1)?

Read more.

What is the real story with Hillary Clinton's email server scandal (Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5)?

(2) Chuck Jessup's video on this topic...

Full length copy

(3) Why Clinton is corrupt...

Read more.

(4) The transcript of what the FBI Director, James B. Comey, said about the Investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton's use of a Personal E-Mail System, etc...

FBI Press Release

(5) The FBI head's recorded video statement via...


Social Security - How Does It Really Work?

Social Security is nothing more than a FORCED savings account (just like "Obama Care" forces people to purchase medical insurance with higher and higher premium costs). Plus, there is a very good chance you will never be able to withdraw the same "purchasing power" out of your Social Security savings account that you deposited into it; thanks to Uncle Sam also controlling your access to your savings account and the fact that things will cost a lot more by the time the same number of dollars are withdrawn. Calling Social Security "benefits" is a total myth...

Read more.


Have you ever noticed how things like real estate always keep rising in price? It doesn't matter how many times a region (or the global economy) generates a real estate bubble, sooner or later the bubbles explode and people get crushed and it starts all over again. ...

Read more.

Take this test, if you have what it takes to figure out what this means.

Blood and Pity.

What really happened during the Iraq War?

Read more.

What are my personal life rules?

Read more.

Who will take all the marbles at the GOP convention? Answer: Trump.

News flash. Cruz picks a VP running mate, Trump gives a very good foreign policy speech and the GOP battle continues...

Read more.


Well, I'll tell you why not. At least, why not quite yet...

Read more.

Are U.S. elections rigged?

As far as I am concerned the so called Demoncrap party in the U.S. may as well just admit it and tell everyone it is really the U.S. Communist party...

Read more.

What's Up With Planned Parenthood This Time?

An Opinion.

What atrocities has ISIS been committing and what to do about it?

Listen up...

Full length copy.

Can the U.S.A. and Obama take down a terrorist group like ISIS/ISIL?

Most Americans are out to lunch when it comes to Muslim terrorist groups and how they might pose a threat to our future freedom, our very lives or our economic freedom in the world. But those of us who would like to see terrorism extinguished once and for all still have one question.

Can Obama legally take on a group like ISIS without Congress declaring a formal war on them?

Read the answer here.

To this very day some people say the Iraq War was illegal. Well was it... really?

Read the answer here.

Obama does it again?

In closing debate over the fifth and final Republican amendment seeking to roll back President Obama's recent immigration executive order, House Speaker, John Boehner (R-OH), recited a list of 22 instances in which the president spoke about following the immigration laws and respecting the U.S. Constitution...

Read more.

Soon after a ruling was issued by U.S. District Court Judge Andres S. Hanen on this very issue. Be sure to check this out as well..

Read more.

Q: What's the ultimate way to fix big government?

Answer: The Obama Cam...

Full length copy

Facts About The Mike Brown and Ferguson Missouri Case

Listen to and review the facts of this case here...


Or read the facts here...

Read more.

Should Obama be impeached?

The People vs. Barack Obama and his gang should be the trial of the decade...

Read more.

Should we increase the minimum wage?

As you are well aware you and I have had differing opinions about worker/employee "compensation" (as opposed to a "minimum wage") when we have discussed said topic in the past. But, I would like to run it by you again anyway...

Read more.

Is there any way at all to avoid Obama No Care?

Listen to this via an interesting YouTube audio/video and then go check it out via the link on the YouTube page (below the video)...

Full length copy

Why Obama is one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history... NOT!!

CEO of answers questions raised by his father in a recent email query...

Read more.

Global Warming. Is it for real or not?

Chuck Jessup, CEO of, has his doubts. Watch a recent YouTube video to see what he thinks...

Full length copy

Will the housing market bounce back soon and what is with government trying to trample on our property rights?

This MP3 podcast was originally broadcast on Feb 1, 2014 in Whatcom County, WA, U.S.A. and is worth a listen. Mike Kent and yours truly, Chuck Jessup, CEO of, along with Mike's other guests on his Radio Real Estate program discuss current events affecting the real estate market on Main Street U.S.A as well as out in rural U.S.A and how government still prefers to get in the way rather than out of the way...

Click Here And Listen Up

...or download and play the MP3 file on your favorite player if it does not play automatically for you.

What is wrong with "Obama Care"?

When someone asks me what I think is WRONG with "Obama Care"
this is what I tell them...

Read more.

Or I tell them to...

Read this.

Or I tell them to...

Read this.

A Little Advice

You know what? Starting a business, even a corporation, is easy. Really, it is...

Read more.

What TMI is all about - Using simplicity to achieve great results...

Watch via TED.

If you do not have enough time or just hate to read, then scroll down and click the
links to watch a few more videos or to explore some other important content instead...


The real source of this one is hard to nail down (because getting hold of anyone in the U.S. Congress is next to impossible now days). But, a copy of this statement, nonetheless, did make its way into my PC. Will a statement like this ever be officially issued? Probably not. Maybe there are not enough folks in the House Republican ranks with "Titanium spines", like the one Michele Bachmann once claimed to have, who would endorse this kind of action. Or maybe it is an elaborate hoax. But, it sure as heck seems like it COULD be for real. I know I wish it was. Anyway, here it is, for what it is worth...

Read the detailed statement


When someone goes around the country cooking up lies and re-writing history
I tend to want to set the record straight.

How is Obama, of all people, wrong about anything?

Read this




I tend to get a little long winded when making blog posts about issues I feel deeply about. In this case I feel I have earned some space in this forum because I just finished reading all 193 pages of the 5 opinions drafted by the Supreme Court concerning the Affordable Care Act.

This ruling, as it turns out...

Read more.

Dear Reader,

As a U.S. citizen and CEO of TMI I'm worried... very WORRIED. Our country is in deep, deep doo doo and the number of folks who call themselves Senators and Representatives (in our U.S. Congress) and who have their heads buried you know where just astounds me to no end...

Read more
another read
check out the July 4, 2011 "Fix The Debt" slide show.

What Are The Real Numbers? Does Anyone Know?

Statistics are like bikinis. They are often nice to look at but they sure as heck do not show you what you really want to see. And maybe that explains why so many people LOVE to stretch the truth way out of shape also.

I have always wondered, "What percentage of people in the U.S. are REALLY unemployed anyway? Does anyone REALLY know?"

Then the other day a report came out that actually caught my attention. Someone finally provided me with the key that allowed me to cook up a reasonably good answer...

Read more.

PiranhaCorp Primer

In my 2012 book, Money Slaves And Cool Aid, (see the "Why Does Government Print Money?" video below) I explored how small corporations might one day become the best way to go, if people really want to take back the country from big banks, the "too big to fail" corporations, and the rich fat cats everyone seems to be protesting against these days.

I suggested within the book that people should, "...imagine large corporations being forced to shrink and shrink, in both size and power, as though being diced up by a school of piranha, as the current employee base retires and dwindles over time through natural attrition, and the new X, Y, and Z generations, having been educated to operate their own enterprises, are then called upon to fill the gaps while being compensated on their own terms, which they offer their LABORS and services for, and not the other way around."

Along those lines I would like to suggest that small, savy business owners should think of themselves as "PiranhaCorps", each finding ways to join into groups or teams (schools) of small businesses which, together, might slowly dice up the larger, out of control companies running this country of ours now days. By doing this the idea known as "spreading the wealth" might actually become a reality.

Buzz words and fads such as "PiranhaCorp" or "Micropreneur" abound these days. But, the idea of starting a business as a "PiranhaCorp" or "Micropreneur" is definitiely worthy of consideration.

Read more.

What I would like to do next is show you a couple blog videos to stir up some juices.

By watching these videos you can meet me, get to know me a bit better, and hear some things on my mind of late.

After that I hope you take some time to explore the other links provided down below as well. They will help everyone better understand some key aspects about how this National Debt situation came about and some of the real facts that got us into this mess we are in.

So, check out the videos and the rest of the web site to see what services we have to offer and how we might help you with some of your own challenges now days...

CEO Videos

CEO Blog Video

Why Does The Government "Print" Money?

Extra Credit - How should we stop them?

Connect the dots (the root cause) that resulted in the National Debt and how we were warned...



Get A Financial Education

Some Of The Real Facts - Inside Job (The Movie)

Fed Facts, Fiction, Or Fraud?

Early Warnings To The Deaf, Dumb, And Blind

Dealing With The Debt
Refinancing The Debt
Some Truth On The Economy
The High Cost Of College

Listen Up Folks Who Are Occupying Wall Street

Please, at the very least educate yourself about the issues. You can bury your head in the sand if you want.
But, that is not going to protect you or anyone else from what is coming down the road.

It is up to us folks.

And, don't forget to go here to access the original and still archived and interesting...